GHS Hazard Symbols

GHS hazardous materials symbols

In recent years, various systems for the labeling of chemicals have developed in different countries. In the past, the same substance could be widely differentiated, e.g. In the case of caffeine: Pure caffeine was considered toxic in Japan, harmful in Australia and classified as safe in China. However, there are different systems not only for storage, but also for transport and occupational safety. It is thus understandable that international trade has made the call for uniform labeling ever louder.

The United Nations responded to this problem at the Rio de Janeiro conference in 1992 and presented the Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Laboratory (GHS) in 2005. This Regulation will change the different labeling and classification of hazardous substances from country to country. In Europe the GHS was implemented by the so-called CLP regulation.

This global uniform labeling and classification of hazardous substances will become binding for all countries with the 01.06.2015. At DENIOS, you will find the appropriate labels and labels which help you to correctly label according to GHS and thus comply with legal requirements. 

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