Plastic pallet boxes

Stackable containers

Benefit from our fully developed product range of heavy duty plastic pallet boxes and stacking containers.  

Pallet boxes are available in steel or polyethylene, depending on your product to be stored.

Plastic pallet boxes are weather-resistant, stable and easy to clean. With a maximum loading of 2.5 tonnes, it is possible to stack up to 5 full boxes safely. Their usefulness and versatility is all the greater as they are available in many variations. They are available for example with 4 closed walls, ideal for storing raw materials and consumables, granules and sand and salt for roads and for waste collection and packaging. The version with two open walls is ideal for goods of greater length.

Both versions are easily transported by forklift truck or pallet truck. An optional chassis further enhances the flexibility of these crates. In the closed version, the plastic pallet boxes can also be used as holding tanks for hazardous materials. They are suitable for containers containing acids, oils or cleaning noncombustibles, whose content can be efficiently retained due to the high chemical resistance of the material. DENIOS plastic pallet boxes are available in volumes of 90, 260, 300 and 400 litres; used as holding tanks, they provide a retention volume of up to 360 litres

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