Walk-in Chemical Storage Containers

Begehbare Gefahrstofflager

DENIOS Walk-in storage containers offer the highest flexibility in terms of size and customization. With floor space from 2 to 21 m² available, these storage units offer capacities for a range of different applications, such as dispensing, storing and controlling the temperature of your goods safely.

2 models are available:

Our classic WHG Walk-in, is a trapezoidal sheet metal design. If the modern plain steel look is your preferred choice, the MC Vario Walk-in, is right for you.

As the manufacturer DENIOS will always offer you the highest quality. Meeting the requirements of storing Water hazardous substances (un-insulated models), Frost sensitive media (insulated models) and Flammable liquids (ventilated models).

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Walk-In Chemical Stores

At DENIOS UK, we understand that storing chemicals incorrectly in the workplace can present serious health and safety risks, from environmental pollution to personal injuries for staff. Commonly used chemicals like adhesives, fuels and paint can be a fire hazard, and poorly-managed corrosives can negatively affect the well-being of your personnel. To avoid halts to production due to illness and injury, hazardous chemicals must be kept in an appropriate chemical storage system.

Whether you are seeking a secure location to store oil, chemicals, IBCs or drums, our chemical storage solutions are sure to meet your requirements. We offer un-insulated models for water-hazardous substances, insulated models for frost-sensitive materials and ventilated models for flammable liquids. Designed for floor spaces ranging from 2 to 21 m², we can provide a walk-in chemical storage container that provides the exact capacity you require. Our WHG units feature a sheet metal design, while the MC Vario Walk-in is finished in plain steel. We provide modules in various styles to ensure temperature control, storage and dispensation are as safe and convenient as possible.

Does your facility need a chemical store?

Our Module container MC 3320-L2 is an extremely robust store made from galvanised steel, featuring two wing-style doors. It is designed to keep your hazardous materials secure, preventing anyone without authorised access from entering or tampering with your stock. A higher level of stock control ensures limited waste, as only authorised personnel can be granted access. Warehouses, laboratories and workshops can be hectic, but you can confidently achieve a high level of security with a robust walk-in chemical storage container.

Bunded storage for pollution control

Pesticides, lubricating oils and other hazardous chemicals are often stored in drum barrels. These are used for numerous applications in agriculture, paint manufacturing and large-scale industrial facilities. When it comes to storing large volumes of liquid, it is vital to consider environmental protection and safe storage. Many chemicals can harm people and the surrounding area if they leak, but our bunded storage containers will help prevent unnecessary spillages and subsequent damage.

Our bunded storage container features a secondary containment section which will collect any spilled liquids if a drum or container fails. Industrial users have many different bunded chemical storage options including our System Container 2G 626.O. This popular model was built with a 4mm thick steel bund and integral galvanised grid shelves. Seal tested to meet EN ISO 3452-1 with 100mm ground clearance and lockable two-wing doors on both sides, it is optimised for storing drums.

Insulated chemical storage for frost protection

Chemical storage with insulation stops heat from leaving the unit and prevents cooler internal temperatures from being affected by outside conditions. This means you will not have to seek out alternative methods of maintaining the desired temperature. Finished in vibrant red, our Module Container MC 4320 is thermally insulated to protect temperature-sensitive contents. It can be used to store any water-polluting chemicals and features removable shelving made from galvanised grids.

To save you time, these walk-in chemical stores will arrive fully assembled and ready to use. Your team can move it into the ideal position within your site and reposition the unit if necessary (in an empty state). This product also has standard crane eyes for easy movement. To ensure it is free from cracks and leaks, this module has been thoroughly tested in accordance with the EN ISO 3452-1 standard and will arrive with a test certificate.

Ventilated storage for flammable chemicals

Naturally ventilated chemical storage solutions such as the MC Vario Walk-in Store 4320-S allow for safe passive storage of flammable liquids. Use this model to store any liquids that you intend to keep tightly closed. Flammable materials should always be kept at a safe distance from your main building or places where staff congregate. This way, if a fire does break out, all volatile substances will be situated at a distance in the walk-in unit, ensuring they do not exacerbate the problem. Then your staff can be evacuated safely.

Why buy from DENIOS UK?

As industry leaders in environmental protection and hazardous material containers, DENIOS UK can advise you on the most appropriate type of chemical storage containers for your facility. When you purchase a solution from us, you know it has been developed and tested carefully, ensuring it meets the strict standards of our quality assurance system. For your continued peace of mind, we have a team of experts on hand to support our customers in their buying decisions and we provide a 5-year guarantee on all our chemical storage solutions.