Drum Racking - Storage Racking for Small Containers and Drums


Storage racks for small containers and drums are tried-and-tested shelf combinations that consist of slide-in trays and assembly shelves.

Our storage racks are characterised by their versatility, as the assembly shelves and spill trays can be combined to suit individual applications. Drum racks are ideal for the storage and dispensing of oils, paints, inks, detergents, acids, alkalis and other aggressive chemicals in and out of barrels.

The storage racks can be transported using a forklift truck. Spill trays with 220 or 440 litre capacities have been approved for all water pollution classes and for flammable liquids (R 10 to R 12). The drum storage racking can be stacked three high.

Depending on the nature of the stored substance steel or PE spill trays can be supplied with the drum racking system for below the shelf to ensure safe dispensing. The barrel racks are made of a robust steel construction and are easy and quick to assemble.

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