Floor Coating

Floor coatings

At DENIOS you will receive a variety of floor paints: outdoor marking paint, hall marking paint, hall coating, inlet primer and anti-slip hall marking paint.

For outdoor use Denios offers an external marking color from Proline. This is especially suitable for the operational and in-house marking of surfaces and strips. The external marking color is characterized by excellent adhesion. Furthermore, it is highly resistant to abrasion. For 25 m² of paint, 5 liters of container are consumed.

The 2K hall coating adheres to concrete, coated floors, asphalt, screed, composite stone and open-pore tiles. Proline coating is dirt-repellent, easy to clean and suitable for coating industrial floors indoors. The 2K hall coating is mechanically significantly more resilient and chemically more resistant than comparable one-component paint. For approximately 20-25 m² in one coat, 5 liter containers are consumed.

The inlet primer is solventless and colorless e.g. For open-pored concrete floors. Improved adhesion and neutralization of impurities by oil, grease and emulsions is guaranteed by Proline's primer. The high-covering and fast drying hall marking paint adheres to concrete, asphalt, screed, composite strip and open-pore tiles. Ideal for heavily stressed industrial and workshop floors, storage and sales areas.

Like the hall coating, the hall marking paint is very dirt repellent, easy to clean, abrasion resistant and chemical resistant.

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