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To prepare and make available temperature-sensitive substances plays a decisive role in the production processes of the chemical, pharmaceutical, food and textile industries. However, the material properties of the substances used as well as the process characteristics of the various production processes differ significantly from each other. The requirements for heat chambers are therefore wide.

In addition, there is an increasing level of automation and increased productivity requirements. They require an increasing integration of heat chambers into the production process and a good synchronization with the process periphery. The implementation of the storage parameters temperature constancy and heating rate are at a similar level.

This is where heat chambers from DENIOS are used, where you can constantly condition your materials in the specified temperature ranges, up to temperatures of 150 ° C (higher temperatures on request).

Suitable for:

Efficiently heat, melt and cool

Temperature Stability

Each of our heat chambers is subject to the requirement to reach the guaranteed thermal level constantly and certainly also under fluctuating external conditions. The combination of high-quality control systems combined with efficient cooling, air-conditioning and heating systems ensures maximum reliability and an even temperature distribution in the system.

Operating Costs

DENIOS's application-oriented engineering is geared directly to the needs of the customer. A heat chamber realized in this aspect avoids mis-dimensioning and reduces operating costs. The DENIOS quality requirement ensures a high failure prevention. This directly benefits process safety in the end-use application.

Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency plays an important role in the careful use of valuable resources. DENIOS was one of the first manufacturers of heating chambers to work on the holistic achievement of this goal. DENIOS therefore only uses energy-optimized heating, ventilation and control systems. In the spirit of the system concept, it combines them with the latest ENEV-compliant insulation and sealing materials. Due to their high degree of standardization, DENIOS heating chambers are still available at an excellent price-performance ratio.

Short heating times

In modern, automated production processes with high process speeds, the substances used must be readily available. Heat chambers are therefore subject to the demand for rapid heating and cooling cycles. DENIOS high-performance units meet even the most stringent requirements.

Use for thermally sensitive substances and substances

The storage of sensitive substances in a defined temperature window requires constant temperatures, which can only be achieved by efficient air conditioning in the high-end range. DENIOS offers heat chambers for such storage goods with the highest level of safety for comprehensive risk prevention in terms of process reliability. This ensures that parameters such as temperature and viscosity are achieved in accordance with requirements. A loss of substance properties can be successfully counteracted.

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DENIOS heat chambers: suitable for a variety of requirements

DENIOS heat chambers are efficient and long-lasting systems for temperatures up to 150 ° C. We offer storage capacities of one up to 18 IBCs or 4 to 72 205 litre drums. For the heat exchangers, four different energy carriers are available to our customers. The systems will be painted, galvanized or made of stainless steel. Selected accessories are configurable and each DENIOS heat chamber adapts to the individual needs of the user. 

  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor installation
  • Robust steel frame construction
  • Heating by saturated steam, electrical energy, heat transfer oil or hot water 
  • Standard equipment is approved for the storage of hazardous goods

Heated containers for up to 12 drums or 3 IBCs

Thanks to their space-saving design, these heat chambers are ideally suited for production-related use. Their aggregates are always at hand and prepared for their production use. Heating and air flow rates are ideally matched and ensure a homogeneous temperature profile. Transfer and dosing tasks are always easy to do. The heating chambers are specially designed for temperature control up to 150 ° C, (higher temperatures also on request) and offer capacity for up to 12 205 litre drums or 3 IBC. The compartment height of this series makes it possible to store larger containers.

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Heated containers for up to 36 drums or 9 IBCs

This series impresses with its compact design. Compact means for DENIOS: a lot of storage capacity on a small footprint. This creates optimum conditions for higher stocking, melting processes and products with sluggish heating behavior. The compact heating chambers achieve an air circulation of 4,000 m3 / h. The ratio between heating and air flow is optimally matched. A uniform temperature profile and rapid heating are guaranteed. The 1-field heating chambers offer a capacity for up to 36 205 litre drums or 9 IBCs for thermal processes up to 150 ° C (higher temperatures on request). Here, too, the integrated spill pallet ensures safe and legally compliant storage.

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Custom Solutions

Our range of standard solutions offers products for most requirements. But in addition, DENIOS has extensive experience in the realization of individual projects, such as the temperature control of large volumes or seamless process integration in the production process. It does not matter to us whether limited space or factory components influence the project implementation. The DENIOS team accompanies your project from planning through production to regular maintenance. Let our specialists advise you so together we find the right solution to meet your individual requirements.

Project process

We are proud of our holistic approach and therefore at your side from first contact until far beyond the commissioning of your individual thermal solution. This begins with expert advice and planning. Together with you, our experienced sales engineers create the first concepts. The permanent exchange with our engineering team guarantees a technically perfected solution designed to fully meet your requirements.

Our specialized staff are knowledgeable in current legislation and requirements and will support you in dealing with authorities and in the approval process. During the development phase, a personal project engineer will assist you, so that you can always find out about the current project phase. They coordinate the project processes: from the design to our in-house production to on-site assembly. In addition, they are available to answer any questions you may have about your custom solution. 

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