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Hazardous Materials Workplaces for Laboratories

Hazardous substance workstations protect workers when handling chemicals and ensure the prescribed occupational exposure limits are respected. Highly efficient harmful substance capture is ensured by targeted clean air curtains in the front area and extraction at the rear wall. The high levels of safety for the hazardous substance workstation are obtained thanks to the fresh air curtain, which is blown out at the front edge of the work surface and the roof. The clean air curtains blow all hazardous vapours towards the rear wall, where they are extracted.

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Explaining videos on working safely with hazardous materials
Effectiveness of technical safety fume cupboards

In almost all areas of industry and the public sector, employees carry out activities with hazardous substances. Without effective pollutant detection, airborne hazardous substances such as dusts and vapours can disperse in the room, enter the breathing zone and sometimes cause considerable damage to health. Extraction systems capture dusts and vapours directly at the source of danger. They differ in their effectiveness due to different types of construction.

Versatility of the VARIO-Flow HazMat workplaces

With the VARIO-Flow safety fume cupboard, you get a safe and ergonomic hazardous materials workplace. To ensure that it meets your requirements, we offer the VARIO-Flow in 24 sizes and with a choice of different work surfaces, media connections, a base frame with base cabinets and accessories. In the video, you will learn everything about the functionality and design of the workplace as well as your configuration options.



Take advantage of the DENIOS product range to set up your pollutant collection system. Benefit from turnkey delivery on your selected equipment. Exhaust fans, integratable filter technology, explosion protection design, etc. - with a wide range of additional designs and components, DENIOS offers you the high performance solutions. We are happy to advise you on site in order to configure a VARIO-Flow solution that meets your needs.


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Further Articles and DENIOS Expertise


Effectiveness of technical safety fume cupboards

Technical extraction systems capture dusts and vapours at the source of danger before they are dispersed through the air in the room and enter the breathing zone. We explain the legal basis for the detection of pollutants at the workplace, the so-called STOP principle and the advantages and disadvantages of different extraction systems.

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Ventilation of Hazardous Materials Cabinets

This free DENIOS white paper shows you various venting alternatives and their differences. Find out why you should keep recirculation filters in mind as an alternative to exhaust air systems.

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Fume cupboards with ejector technology or sash? The technology comparison.

In many laboratories, classic fume cupboards with front sash are used. In practice, however, working behind the pane often means considerable compromises. The alternative is called ejector technology: we have compared both systems and show you which one is ahead.

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Case study

Storage of solvents

The Schunk Group specialises in the manufacture of carbon and graphite products. The employees are frequently in contact with cleaning agents containing solvents. DENIOS created a large-scale in-house solution that made storing the liquids just as possible as working directly on them.

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