Bunded Spill Pallets

Spill Pallets for Safe Storage 

A spill pallet, often referred to as a ‘secondary containment item’ or 'bunded pallet', comes in different sizes to make room for multiple containers which offer protection for the storing of water hazardous and flammable substances. The key function of bunded pallets is to catch the leaks and spills of the main container’s contents, often rested on top of it. DENIOS UK spill pallets come in a variety of categories to accommodate multiple containers of different sizes.

Everything in an intermediate bulk container (IBC) – from a spray can all the way up to a container holding 1,000 litres – can be filled with a hazardous substance including oils, cleaners, paints and release agents. All these substances can have a deadly impact on our environment, affecting water and other natural components.

The correct preventative measures must be taken in order to prevent them from entering and corrupting our ecosystem. A spill pallet is a first precaution to achieve that. With the widest range on the market, DENIOS UK spill containment pallets are an HSE complaint solution for any substance you may have on the factory floor.



Ensure workplace safety with a DENIOS UK bunded pallet!

The correct spill pallet for your workplace will depend on the harshness of the chemical it is intended to hold. The materials that bunded pallets usually hold are typically caustic or corrosive substances. Hence, they are often made from either UV stabilised polyethylene or galvanised steel to ensure enhanced protection from harsh chemicals. In principle, the material of the bunded pallet which acts as a collecting basin has to be resistant to the material in storage.

For example, flammable liquids like oils, varnishes or paints, must be stored in a steel container. For this, DENIOS UK offers several steel bunded pallets which may be galvanised or varnished. On the other hand, for the storage of substances such as acids and alkali, non-corrosive polyethylene or stainless steel bunds must be used. DENIOS UK offers a wide range, which are optimally designed for the storing of these substances.



DENIOS UK manufacture a wide range of bunded pallets to meet a variety of storage requirements, including but not limited to, simple drum storage and dispensing, internal transportation, IBC storage and bunded spill flooring for large areas. We also offer models which may be moved by forklift truck for easy transportation on site, as well as a wide range of spill trays for the safe storage of small containers.

UK legislation

A DENIOS bunded pallet offers the necessary protection for storing water hazardous substances whilst maintaining a safe and clean working environment in accordance with UK legislation.

In the United Kingdom, according to the Oil Storage Regulations of 2001, a container of oil or fuel cannot be stored outside unless it is bundled in a secondary containment item, like a spill pallet. All the prospective leakage should be stored within the bund according to these regulations. It is also considered good practice to ensure that the secondary containment item is able to hold 110% of the largest container above, while it is not legally enforceable.

The Environmental Regulation PPG 26 guidelines for the storage and handling of drums and intermediate bulk containers (IBCs) were produced by the Environment Agency and Wales, the Scottish Environment Protection Agency and the Environment and Heritage Service in Northern Ireland. PPG’s guidelines give information and advice about storing oil and chemicals in (a) Small containers (b) Drums, up to 205 litres (c) IBCs up to 1000 litres. Following the Pollution Prevention Guidelines PPG 26 will ensure you reduce the risk of pollution from the site to land, surface waters and groundwater by taking care with the storage, maintenance and handling of drums and IBCs.

With the widest range on the market, a DENIOS spill containment pallet offers a compliant solution for any substance you may have on the factory floor. Our product finder function on the DENIOS UK website will help you choose the right spill pallet for your needs. 

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