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Hazardous Material Storage Products

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Hazardous Material Storage

DENIOS is the leading designer, manufacturer and supplier of environmental protection products, hazardous materials storage products and health and safety products for the industrial workplace. We offer a spectrum of different equipment types while providing professional advice, giving you real value for your money.

DENIOS offers a very diverse group of products for storing hazardous substances that provide the correct solution for environmental protection, tackling virtually every problem posed by hazardous materials which industrial companies must deal with. We also provide specialised engineering services to assist in nullifying issues facing individual customers in the area of hazardous material storage technology, and we are dedicated to developing custom resolutions for our customers’ unique operational requirements.

Our Product Range

Spill Pallets

DENIOS spill pallets offer protection for storing hazardous substances, in accordance with HSE legislation. Dependent on the stored media, DENIOS spill pallets are manufactured from steel, stainless steel or polyethylene.

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Dispensing Stations

Drum dispensing stations consist of sump pallets and drum mounts. We have created a perfect combination to make the dispensing of water hazardous liquids as safe as possible.

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Spillage Decking

With the storage of hazardous liquids there is always the risk of accidental spillage during filling and dispensing processes. Bunded spill flooring by DENIOS can be installed over large floor areas or in whole rooms.

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Hazardous Substance Racking

Containment and drum storage racking is used when hazardous materials need to be stored and dispensed into drums or small containers. Steel or polyethylene spill pallets are available depending on the stored media.

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Chemical Safety Cabinets

Safety cabinets and cabinets for acid and alkaline substances are used for the storage of polluting liquids, non-flammable and flammable materials. Fire resistant cabinets comply with BS-EN 14470-1 and are suitable for the storage of flammable products.

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Hazardous Material Depots

DENIOS bunded storage solutions are designed for storing smaller containers and low quantities of drums, offering efficient protection and safety in a small space and are ideal for installation outdoors.

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Gas Bottle Storage

DENIOS produce a wide range of products for the storage of gas cylinders, which comply with current British Safety Gas Council recommendations and legal requirements including adequate ventilation and protection against unauthorized access.

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Guidelines on storage of hazardous chemicals

DENIOS provides bunded storage solutions that are ideally designed for storing small containers and lesser numbers of drums. They offer efficient safety and protection in a relatively small space and are perfect for outdoor installations. Their compact size makes them well-suited to collecting volumes of up to 1,250 litres. These storage solutions are available in painted or galvanised versions for storing flammable liquids or in polyethene for storing acids and alkalis.

For storing hazardous substances DENIOS offers a broad range of chemical safety cabinets for a large variety of stored chemicals. Our product line of chemical storage products includes a dispensing cabinet, a flammable storage cabinet, a paint storage cabinet and an acid storage cabinet. These storage cabinets are optimally designed for use in warehouses, stores, laboratories and anywhere else where it is necessary to store hazardous materials securely and safely. We manufacture our chemical storage cabinets using only the highest quality materials and we provide many options, including lockable hinged doors, pull-out shelves and height-adjustable shelves.

Gas Bottle Storage

Gas bottle storage Depending on whether you build your gas bottle storage in the building or outdoors and whether the sufficient distance to other sources of danger is guaranteed, DENIOS always offers you the right products for gas cylinder storage. Gas cylinder cabinets, gas bottle storage with fire protection and accessories for transport provide optimal protection.

Spill protection

Our spill decking provides the perfect surface protection for large areas or entire rooms during transfer and filling operations of dangerous liquids; an important aspect of safely storing hazardous substances. We manufacture our bunded spill flooring from galvanised steel and include galvanised grids, while the flooring is suitable for storing materials of all water hazard classes and flammable liquids. Each model of collecting tray is also available in stainless steel.

DENIOS offers plastic spill decking that has a high resistance to oils, alkalis and acids. The plastic floor elements have a particularly low design, while the plastic spill decking features a spill pallet made of polyethene, with a galvanised grid or a polyethene grid.

DENIOS has a large range of spill pallets and trays for securely and safely storing waste chemicals, fuels, oils and other hazardous liquids. These are the ideal solution for storing smaller amounts of hazardous materials in garages, factories and work areas.

Storage containers

All DENIOS hazardous material storage containers are made in the UK and deliver legally compliant hazardous material storing at an excellent ratio of price to performance. Our drum storage and IBC storage containers provide an outstanding solution for storing pallet goods, drums and IBCs while only requiring minimal storage space. Each and every one of our DENIOS IBC and drum storage containers also come in heat-insulated models for storing certain substances that are sensitive to frosting.

For speciality applications including storing, dispensing and regulating the temperature of your products, we offer a walk-in chemical store that provides peak flexibility in terms of customisation and size, with floor areas ranging from 2 m² to 21 m². In addition to our standard chemical storage containers, we can also deliver custom-designed alternatives to meet your individual requirements.

DENIOS also offers fire-rated storage containers that provide safe, legally compliant storage for poisonous, oxidising and flammable hazardous materials. These containers provide up to 120 minutes of protection from internal and external fires. Our fire-rated storage cabinets can be installed either indoors or outdoors and can be equipped with ramps, ventilation, one or two doors, a heating system and a door locking system.

DENIOS specialises in hazardous material storage and offers a complete range of high-quality, regulation-compliant gas cylinder storage products, including cylinder cages, gas bottle storage containers and fire-resistant gas cylinder cabinets.

Our service

All fuel tanks and transport containers sold by DENIOS come with up to a four-year warranty, free delivery and a 30-day returns policy, as detailed in our terms and conditions. Therefore, you can purchase from us with confidence knowing that we have a strong quality assurance system in place. Our customer service is unsurpassed, so you know you can order from us without any risk.

If you have any questions concerning hazardous material storage, please contact a member of our technical support team or one of our engineers. We always have customer service representatives available to ensure you receive local, reliable and responsive support whenever you need it.

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