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Universal Absorbents

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DENSORB® universal absorbents are indispensable when you have leaking solvents, oils or coolants and lubricants. Due to their hydrophilic design, however, they also absorb almost all other types of liquids. Formats such as rolls, mats, socks, cushions or complete emergency spill kits are available. As it's especially important to have enough absorbent materials in stock, DENIOS offers refill sets. The quality options Economy Single, Economy Double, Economy Triple and Premium Triple will cover all requirements.

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Universal Absorbent Material Expertise


Equipped for all eventualities with DENSORB® absorbents

What are universal absorbents?

DENSORB® Universal absorbent mats are for universal use to absorb non-aggressive liquids such as oils, coolants, lubricants and solvents. They reliably absorb various liquids and retain them securely until disposal.

For oil, water and non-aggressive liquids, DENSORB® Universal absorbent mats are available as mats and rolls in Economy, Economy Plus, Extra and Premium versions. Of course, DENSORB® Universal is also available as socks, cushions or conventional granules. The emergency spill kit, in the transport trolley or box, keeps DENSORB® absorbent mats quickly at hand in an emergency.

How can the Universal absorbent mat be used in everyday life?

Due to their hydrophilic design, Universal absorbent mats absorb almost all liquids and are therefore perfect for absorbing spray mist and leaks. Thanks to the dark grey colour, any soiling is hidden and the absorbent mat can be used for longer periods without looking dirty. Universal absorbent mats can be used, for example, to catch drips under machines and can also cover large areas evenly. They are therefore ideal for repair, maintenance or cleaning work.

In addition, the absorbent mats can also be used as cleaning cloths for wiping dirty surfaces. Simply use a piece of the absorbent mat or roll.

If you are not sure which absorbent material is suitable for your substances, take a look at our resistance list for absorbent materials.

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