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Solvent Cleaners

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DENIOS offers parts cleaning tables for solvents and cleaning large, heavy components. Cleaning tables provide optimal cleaning of mechanical parts of different sizes and are available as table top versions or free standing, in sturdy sheet metal or plastic.

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Solvent Cleaners for your requirements

Safely and easily clean large, heavy components with the help of our parts cleaning tables for solvents. Available in a wide variety of models, both portable and stationary parts cleaners are included in our stock. Some of our parts washers have a steel construction, while others feature a corrosion-free polyethylene construction.

Perfect for any location where solvent cleaners are in use, our parts cleaner units work to manually clean greasy plastic and metal components. Especially useful in repair shops, our parts cleaning tables are ideal for industrial parts cleaning, surface degreasing and the maintenance of production equipment, pumps, motors and other machine parts.

Whether you require a space-saving model such as the Parts Cleaning Tank KP or a solvent cleaner with a larger workspace such as the Safety Cleaner L800, we have the perfect parts cleaning table to meet your organisation’s needs.

Complete with hose connections and cleaning brushes, our parts cleaner units come in a range of models suitable for cleaning either smaller or larger parts. Choose from a selection of parts washers constructed with steel that feature 50L drums or those intended for larger jobs that feature 205L drums.

Our Safety Cleaner polyethylene models, the Parts Cleaning Tank M and the Parts Cleaning Tank MD are all capable of supporting up to 250 kg of load capacity to allow for the cleaning of extra-large components. Our portable unit, the Parts Cleaning F2, is ideal for cleaning smaller parts but can still support up to 100 kg of load capacity. With its space-saving design, it is easy to relocate to wherever you need it on a given day.

Improved safety

Designed with safety in mind, our parts cleaning tanks feature raised backs and sides to help prevent spills when cleaning parts. The Parts Cleaning Tank MD has a lid with lateral gas springs to provide additional protection from overspray when brush cleaning. Our Safety Cleaner L500 also features a lid.

Meanwhile, our Safety Cleaner L800 and L500 both recycle the cleaning fluid used with a multi-stage filter system for both coarse and fine contaminants. This helps reduce the number of solvents required for parts cleaner units, which in turn increases environmental friendliness in the long term. These models permit the use of safe solvents with a flash point higher than 55 degrees Celsius.

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