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Gas Cylinder Storage and Gas Cylinder Containers

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DENIOS gas cylinder storage and gas cylinder containers are approved for the correct storage of compressed gas containers according to TRGS 510 and are suitable for outdoor installation.

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Gas Cylinder Storage and Gas Cylinder Containers

Gas Bottle & Cylinder Storage: What needs to be considered?

Since the improper storage of pressure bottles represents a high potential for danger, a correct storage in the operational everyday life must be guaranteed. The most important instructions for the handling of your gas cylinders can be found in the safety data sheet or as a label on the gas cylinder. According to these instructions, the storage of the gas cylinders, which must be reassessed for each gas.

Gas cylinders must be protected against fire and strong temperature fluctuations. Damage and corrosion must also be avoided. In addition, it must be ensured that unauthorized persons can not obtain access to the gas cylinder container.


Gas cylinders present different hazards that need to be taken into account for health and safety purposes, all of which mean that it is imperative to choose the correct storage. Issues to consider include the fact that cylinders contain gases kept under pressure and will therefore have stored energy that if accidentally released incorrectly could cause injury. The gas substances could be combustible, toxic, or produce rapid asphyxiation if stored in confined spaces. Also, cylinders are usually heavy and somewhat unstable due to the base diameter to height ratio, so tall, thin ones can easily fall over. It is also important to assess access to the storage area to ensure that it is easy to keep manual handling distances of cylinders to a minimum, and that it is simple for deliveries and the emergency services to get in. Safety measures also include keeping the lowest number of required cylinders in the workplace, keeping the movement of them to a minimum, and removing any not in use to storage facilities. Users should also know the rules connected to the use of gas cylinders and should have had appropriate training.

Gas cylinder storage

DENIOS gas cylinder containers and cages provide successful outdoor and indoor storage and have options for the storage of large numbers of gas cylinders outside. Our gas cylinder cages comply with all the necessary legal requirements related to storing and emptying them outside, according to TRBS 3145, which means that no ventilation is required. All gas cages are available with lockable hinged doors, preventing unauthorised access. Models include the Gas Cylinder Storage Cage 20/20 for 36 cylinders of 33 kg, with modular components supplied separately and easy to assemble, and the Gas Cylinder Storage Cage 30/20 for 54 gas cylinders, designed for the legally compliant storage of pressurised gas cylinders, and with a latch and padlock attachment.

Related gas bottle cage products

It is as important to transport gas cylinders safely as it is to store them correctly, and DENIOS has used its specialist knowledge to develop an effective range of products to help with the handling of them. Items include wall brackets, steel and polyethylene trolleys, gas bottle container pallets and wall pallets. All have been tested for quality and are versatile within everyday production tasks.

Custom solutions

Our range of products encompasses many hazardous storage solutions, which suit most customers’ requirements. However, DENIOS also offers individual custom solutions, including gas safety rooms and safety containers, designed to ensure the safe integration of gases at the production area, or outside without a safety distance. Our experienced team of industry experts work with clients throughout the process, from consultation to installation. If you want to know more, contact us for further information.

Benefits of using DENIOS products

DENIOS are industry leaders in hazmat storage and have many years’ experience helping organisations around the world meet their responsibilities in minimising risks and protecting the environment whilst handling hazardous substances. Our range has expanded as legal obligations and customer requirements have expanded. We design, manufacture and supply products for the storage of hazardous materials, health and safety at work, and environmental protection. We can help companies through training, support them through the authorisation process, undertake site inspections, and keep them up to date online with changes in legislation. The DENIOS Hazardous Substances Guide contains an overview of legislation plus tips and suggestions about the handling of hazardous substances. When you buy from DENIOS, you can rest assured that all our products are compliant and fully tested. You will get a minimum of at least two years warranty on all our products, and on selected items you can get a five-year warranty. We have a range of over 10,000 products, all of which have free standard delivery included to UK mainland addresses.

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