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Packing and shipping

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Secure shipping and packing materials are essential to ensure that your products are optimally protected during transport. The shipping and packaging materials from DENIOS Ireland help to ensure that your goods arrive at their destination undamaged. From packing tables, cutting systems, folding cartons and pallet boxes to adhesive tape and bubble bags, you will find the right packing and shipping products for your needs.

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Dangerous goods labels 100 x 100 mm, in paper
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Mesh cage for Euro pallet, steel
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Stackable frame for Euro pallet
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Packaging and products for shipping

What is packaging material needed for?

Packaging material plays a crucial role in securing products during transport. The various packaging options protect against shocks, vibrations, moisture, dust and other external influences that could potentially cause damage. The right packaging material can also help to pack products according to their size and type in an organised and efficient storage system. In addition, the packaging material is also used for labelling hazardous materials and other special features of the contents, such as electrostatically sensitive or easily breakable components.

What packaging materials are available?

The DENIOS online shop has a wide range of packaging materials to meet your individual requirements:

Folding cardboard boxes: Folding cartons offer a wide range of applications and are ideal for transporting a variety of products. They are available in different sizes and thicknesses and can be flexibly adapted to individual requirements.

Pallet boxes: Robust pallet boxes are ideal for transporting larger goods or pallet loads. They offer excellent protection and enable space-saving storage.

ESD packaging: ESD packaging is specially designed to protect electrostatically sensitive components. They prevent electrostatic discharge and minimise the risk of damage.

Dangerous goods packaging: We offer special packaging solutions for the safe transport of hazardous goods. These comply with legal regulations and ensure that potential risks are minimised.

Dangerous goods labels, safety labels and warning labels: We offer a wide range of labels for labelling hazardous goods and for safety labelling. These enable clear identification and ensure compliance with legal regulations.

Adhesive tapes and packing tapes: Adhesive tapes and packing tapes are indispensable tools for sealing boxes and other packaging. They provide a secure and reliable seal.

Hand dispensers and table dispensers: These tools facilitate the unrolling and cutting of adhesive tapes and packing tapes and enable efficient packaging.

Strapping tapes: Strapping tapes are used to secure and stabilise goods. They are particularly useful for transporting large or heavy goods that are stored on pallets, in warehouses or in containers.

Strapping dispensers: Strapping dispensers facilitate the unwinding and tensioning of strapping. They are easy to use and enable products to be strapped quickly and efficiently.

Padded bags: Padded bags are ideal for protecting sensitive or fragile items from bumps and knocks. They provide a cushioned layer that minimises the risk of damage during transport.

Which packaging material do I use for which goods?

The choice of the right packaging material depends on the type of goods being transported or stored. Here are some examples:

  • Cardboard boxes are suitable for packaging small parts, electronic devices, textiles and other non-fragile goods.

  • Pallet boxes are ideal for transporting heavy or bulky goods, such as machines, building materials or large electrical appliances.

  • ESD packaging is used for electronic components and sensitive electronic components to prevent electrostatic damage.

  • Dangerous goods packaging and the appropriate labels are essential for the safe transport of hazardous substances such as chemicals, gases or flammable materials.

  • Adhesive tapes and packing tapes are used for the general packaging of boxes and parcels of all kinds.

  • Strapping tapes are used for bundling goods, such as stacks of wood or palletised loads.

  • Padded air bags protect sensitive items such as glassware, ceramics or electronic devices from breakage or damage.

Where do I dispose of packaging material?

Packaging materials play an important role in everyday life, whether for transporting goods or protecting sensitive products. But how and where should these materials be disposed of to ensure environmentally friendly disposal? Here is an overview of the most common packaging materials and their corresponding disposal methods:

Material Disposal method
Cardboard boxes / folding cartons Paper and cardboard containers, waste paper containers
Plastic foils Recycling bin
Plastic packaging / ESD packaging Recycling bin
Styrofoam Recycling centre, recycling bin
Glass Glass container, bottle bank
Metal packaging Recycling bin
Wooden packaging Waste wood container, recycling centre
Biodegradable packaging material Composting plant, organic waste bin

It is important to separate packaging material appropriately to enable efficient material separation, recycling and reuse processes. Many municipalities offer collection points such as recycling centres, containers or special collection centres to facilitate proper disposal.

It is advisable to check local disposal guidelines as they may vary from region to region. In addition, packaging materials should be cleaned before disposal to avoid contamination and ensure optimal recycling. By consciously disposing of packaging materials, together we can make a contribution to environmental protection.

DENIOS offers a comprehensive range of packaging materials to ensure that your goods are optimally protected and can be transported efficiently. We are at your disposal to help you choose the right packaging material for your specific requirements. Contact us and let's work together to find the best solution for your packaging needs.

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