Solvent Free Parts Cleaning

Lösemittelfreie Reinigung

In many different industrial sectors part cleaning units are used for a variety of purposes: to clean or degrease small components or in preparation for paint and print processes.

The DENIOS bio.x product range, for use by one or two employees, replaces solvent-based cleaners with environmentally friendly biological cleaning agents that are not subject to solvent valuation. The combination of the bio.x parts cleaner unit and bio.x cleaning fluid creates an environmentally friendly system.

This ergonomic and user-friendly system comes complete with a comprehensive range of accessories and most important - remember that due to the lack of solvents, it is not harmful to the health of employees. 

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Solvent-Free Cleaning

Clean both large and small parts without solvents using DENIOS’s efficient and environmentally friendly parts cleaning tables. These double-walled polyethylene washing tables make use of improved technology to ensure minimal wastage of the water-based cleaning solution. Featuring ergonomic, user-friendly designs, our parts washers are also especially energy efficient.

Perfect for any business that needs to clean components without the use of solvents, our parts cleaners function well in manually cleaning greasy plastic and metal components. Our parts cleaning tables are particularly useful for surface degreasing and industrial parts cleaning, and they also work to maintain production equipment, motors, pumps and other machine parts. They are ideal for repair shops.

Whether you need a compact model such as the Parts Cleaning Table Bio.x B200, or a product with a larger workspace for especially wide and heavy parts such as the Parts Cleaner Bio.x C800, we have the ideal solvent-free parts cleaning table for your business.

Extremely stable and completely corrosion-proof, DENIOS’s solvent-free cleaning parts washers are available in a range of sizes and configurations. Many of our units come complete with our solvent-free Bio.x Cleaning Fluid to fill the parts washer and get it up and going immediately.

Environmentally-friendly products

By heating the solvent-free cleaning fluid to 41 degrees Celsius, you can optimise cleaning performance without the need for solvents. This temperature also ensures the best growth conditions for the included microorganisms, which adapt to break down oils and greases.

When compared to cold cleaners, the bath life is up to four times longer. There is also less waste of cleaning fluid due to the improved technology incorporated into our solvent-free parts cleaners, which use up to 50% less energy.

All our solvent-free parts washers are ideal for use with a filter set, and you can recycle the cleaning fluid. This fluid has an extra-long usable life and does not produce volatile organic compounds. You do not need to take special safety measures for this cleaning fluid, which features a pleasant and fresh apple scent.

Improved safety

Designed with safety in mind, our solvent-free parts cleaning tanks eliminate the need for solvents to effectively clean metal and glass components. Our parts cleaners all feature raised backs and sides to help prevent spills as they clean parts, while the Parts Cleaning Table Bio.x C500 also has a lid to provide additional protection from overspray during brush cleaning. The Parts Cleaner Bio.x T700 features a transparent hood and gauntlet gloves to allow for pressure-assisted washing in an enclosed space.