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Oil Stations with Pump

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Many work premises regularly require oil in their work, particularly in industries which involve a lot of machinery and vehicles. A good quality oil dispensing station with oil pumps will allow oil to be dispensed in a safe and well-ordered manner, reducing the risk of spills.

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Dispensing stations with oil pumps from DENIOS Ireland

Oil pumps - mobile or stationary

Mobile oil pumps, oil dispensing stations or oil stations are offered among the oil stations with pump. Depending on the requirement, the need is thus covered for every area of application. The mobile oil pumps offer space for a barrel and can be easily moved thanks to the barrel trolley. With the integrated pump unit, the appropriate medium can be filled from the drum quickly and easily at any location. The oil stations are designed for the central and safe storage of various oils. Thanks to their powerful pumps, the oil can be easily tapped at the station. The oil stations offer space for the legally compliant storage of up to four drums.

All models are equipped with practical extras such as tap guns, hose holders, spill pallets, tubs or counters.

Oil stations with electric or compressed air driven pumps

The oil pumps of the stations are specially adapted to mineral oil-based substances as the pumped medium. Electric or compressed air-driven pumps integrated in the stations are suitable for these media. Electric pumps and compressed air pumps are particularly suitable for oil stations, as they are especially efficient with large flow rates and with viscous substances such as mineral oil products. Especially the compressed air pumps achieve a strong performance with these substances. In addition, the electric and compressed air-driven pumps are particularly durable and suitable for frequent or continuous operation. Before using the oil stations, make sure that an appropriate compressed air or electricity connection is available on site.

What are the advantages of dispensing stations with oil pumps?

  • Powerful pumps
  • Precise tapping
  • Two different drives
  • Creation of a tapping area
  • Safe storage
  • Mobile and flexible use
  • Eco-friendly

The drum filling station for oil

A distinction is made between different models of drum filling stations. First of all, the number of drums to be connected is decisive. DENIOS offers oil stations for two or four drums. All drums are then placed on trays in the station, so that provisions are made for the event of a leak. Depending on your requirements, there are stations with electric pumps or with compressed air pumps. Practical extras such as the hose reel, the nozzle, a flow meter or the 10-metre hose complete the range. Drum filling stations for oil are particularly popular because they form a central dispensing area. The dispensing guns and drip pans provide all the necessary safety precautions and prevent leaking oil from entering unwanted areas.

The uses of an oil dispensing station

An oil dispensing station is used for the safe storage and dispensing of oil. Any oil up to a viscosity of 1500 cSt can be dispensed in our products. These include hydraulic, gear engine and vegetable oils, as well as anti-freeze concentrates. Equipped with a hose, filter, suction unit and flowmeter, oil dispensing stations deliver oil to gears, motors or other containers safely, reducing the risk of oil spills and fumes.

Different types of oil stations

DENIOS UK stocks a wide range of oil dispensing stations. These include options for oil dispensing stations with compressed air pump and also oil dispensing units with electric pumps which require a power source, but are handy if compressed air is not available. There is also a choice in the size of the oil stations, with the option of an oil station for two drums, suitable for smaller premises or for a site where there are numerous oil dispensing stations, or an oil station for four drums, which is ideal for busier sites. All the oil stations stocked at DENIOS UK include a spill pallet, keeping the drips off the floor and allowing for the easy transportation of the unit.

Oil station safety

The effective use of oil dispensing stations will do a great deal to improve environmental protection at your workplace. The oil stations stocked by DENIOS UK have the relevant certification to ensure the products fully comply with the required legislation. Like all workplace safety products, the oil station should be checked regularly for wear and tear to keep it in good working order. Also ensure that they are used with other high-quality products. DENIOS UK stocks a wide range of drums suitable for use with the oil dispensing stations. Only authorised personnel should use the dispensing stations and these should be supplied with personal protective equipment to reduce the risk of accidental injury.


There are several key reasons why an oil pump or oil station can benefit your overall workplace setup, including:

Enhanced machinery efficiency: Investing in a mobile lubricant dispensing station enhances machinery efficiency. Well-lubricated equipment runs more smoothly, consumes less energy and reduces the risk of costly breakdowns, resulting in improved overall productivity.

Cost savings: Oil stations help to reduce maintenance costs by preventing unnecessary lubricant wastage. The precision and control they offer ensure that lubricants are used efficiently. Furthermore, the spill pallet collects oil that has dripped from the nozzle during use, allowing it to be returned to the station.

Worker productivity: An oil pump makes the lubrication process much more straightforward for maintenance personnel. With servicing activities able to be completed more quickly and more accurately, this boosts worker productivity.

Environmental responsibility: Companies that invest in an oil pump or mobile oil station are also demonstrating their commitment to environmental responsibility. The precise application of lubricants minimizes the risk of contamination and spillage, thereby reducing the environmental impact of their operations.

Compliance: By servicing machinery and vehicles at regular intervals, this helps companies maintain compliance with industry regulations at all times.


Oil pumps and oil stations are versatile and practical tools that simplify machinery maintenance and contribute to overall operational efficiency. Companies that invest in these stations can expect enhanced machinery performance, reduced maintenance costs, increased worker productivity, and a reduced environmental footprint. Mobile lubricant dispensing stations are a testament to the commitment of companies to maintain equipment, reduce downtime, and operate in an environmentally responsible manner.

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