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Oil Stations with Pump

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Many work premises regularly require oil in their work, particularly in industries which involve a lot of machinery and vehicles. A good quality oil dispensing station will allow oil to be dispensed in a safe and well-ordered manner, reducing the risk of spills.

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The uses of an oil dispensing station

An oil dispensing station is used for the safe storage and dispensing of oil. Any oil up to a viscosity of 1500 cSt can be dispensed in our products. These include hydraulic, gear engine and vegetable oils, as well as anti-freeze concentrates. Equipped with a hose, filter, suction unit and flowmeter, oil dispensing stations deliver oil to gears, motors or other containers safely, reducing the risk of oil spills and fumes.

Different types of oil stations

DENIOS stocks a wide range of oil dispensing stations. These include options for oil dispensing stations with compressed air pump and also oil dispensing units with electric pumps which require a power source, but are handy if compressed air is not available. There is also a choice in the size of the oil stations, with the option of an oil station for two drums, suitable for smaller premises or for a site where there are numerous oil dispensing stations, or an oil station for four drums, which is ideal for busier sites. All the oil stations stocked at DENIOS include a spill pallet, keeping the drips off the floor and allowing for the easy transportation of the unit.

Oil station safety

The effective use of oil dispensing stations will do a great deal to improve environmental protection at your workplace. The oil stations stocked by DENIOS have the relevant certification to ensure the products fully comply with the required legislation. Like all workplace safety products, the oil station should be checked regularly for wear and tear to keep it in good working order. Also ensure that they are used with other high-quality products. DENIOS stocks a wide range of drums suitable for use with the oil dispensing stations. Only authorised personnel should use the dispensing stations and these should be supplied with personal protective equipment to reduce the risk of accidental injury.

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