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Pallet Racking

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The pallet racking is ideal for effective, flexible and structured pallet storage. Our pallet racks are designed, manufactured and tested to applicable standards and safety.

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Pallet racks: for proper containment of hazardous materials

Flammable liquids, hazardous substances and water-polluting chemicals: all need to be stored safely and securely in order to safeguard workers’ health and maintain the integrity of the work site. Pallet racks from DENIOS are the ideal solution: sturdy, corrosion-resistant and designed to be used in parallel, pallet racks can be adjusted as de-sired to accommodate a range of drums and containers. By utilising the otherwise-unused vertical space in a warehouse environment, pallet shelves allow more materials to be stored on site and improve on-site navigation for forklift drivers.

DENIOS pallet racks: purpose

Warehouses are high-activity environments where materials are transported across the floor via forklift and workers are continually on the move – all while navigating spaces that offer precious little room for error. Speed, efficiency and safety are all essential to keep operations running smoothly, which is why a standardised storage solution is worth its weight in gold.

DENIOS pallet racks can transform a workspace from a place of disarray and ad-hoc storage practices into a safe, easy-to-navigate site that optimises its vertical space. Pallet racks are designed to store drums and intermediate bulk carriers containing water-polluting substances and flammable liquids as well as Euro pallets on robust, adjust-able shelves up to three levels high. Made of galvanised steel, these industrial pallet racks are fitted with a spill pallet to stop leakages, include shelf guards to prevent objects from falling and come with ground clearance to avoid corrosion. Shelves can be extended using additional components, and the pallet racks are designed to be installed side-by-side to save space.

Reasons to invest in pallet racking

From better storage and stronger warehouse navigation for forklift drivers to en-hanced safety for warehouse and site workers, there is simply no substitute for pallet shelves when storing water-polluting substances and flammable liquids. A closer look at the benefits is provided below:

A more efficient storage option

Rather than storing large volumes of hazardous materials without any standardised system in place, pallet racking allows for drums and intermediate bulk containers to be stored on top of each other with no risk of breaches or collapse. Vertical stacking saves a huge amount of space in warehouses and on job sites, enabling more sub-stances to be stored than at a site without industrial pallet racks.

Better warehouse navigation

Installing pallet racks for hazardous materials on a work site in a standardised, orderly manner gives forklift drivers and warehouse staff more aisle space in which to ma-noeuvre, thereby minimising the risk of collisions and other accidents. Even if a collision does occur, the built-in shelf guards and galvanised spill pallets on the pallet racks mean that any adverse effects are contained.

Exceptional safety

Properly policing the storage of hazardous materials is the first step towards ensuring a work site remains free of accidents. By establishing standardised storage practices based on uniformly arranged industrial pallet racks, the risk of personal injury due to the use of storage equipment (or manual interaction), drum rupture and forklift colli-sions dramatically decrease.

Pallet racks and pallet shelves: the bottom line

Up to 12 pallet racks across three storage levels for optimum vertical storage, offering maximum safety and better warehouse navigation: this is pallet racking in a nutshell – and the reason why it is well worth investing in one or more pallet rack units for your work site. Browse a full selection of pallet racks for hazardous materials from DENIOS and find the perfect storage solution.

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