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Hazardous material pallet rack

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Pallet racks from DENIOS are adaptable and approved for the storage of water-polluting substances and flammable liquids. They are fitted with galvanised spill pallets or plastic spill pallets, and the containment volume of the spill pallet can vary. DENIOS pallet racks can be configured in a range of ways to suit the hazardous materials being stored. Pallet racks offer space for up to 12 Euro pallets on up to 3 storage levels, but drums and IBCs can also be stored. Various shelf widths and depths cover everything you might need. The racks can be extended as desired with additional extension shelves.

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Pallet racking and pallet storage for your business

What advantages does pallet racking offer?

Pallet racks from DENIOS save space, reduce throughput times, improve workflows and thus increase internal productivity. They are used for the storage of hazardous substances in IBCs or drums. These can be conveniently stored on Euro or chemical pallets.

Which products can be stored in an industrial rack?

  • Model PR pallet racks with steel spill pallets are approved for the storage of water-polluting substances and flammable liquids (H224-226).
  • Model PRP pallet racks have a plastic spill pallet and offer high resistance to many aggressive chemicals such as acids and alkalis.

How are pallet racks constructed?

All pallet racks are made of galvanised frames and powder coated cross members. These are height-adjustable in 50 mm increments. Galvanised shelf guards on each storage level provide additional safety during storage. Grids (available as accessories) which are fitted to the shelf cross members, can also be used for storing individual containers, mesh boxes or drum supports for horizontal drums. Up to three storage levels may be built one on top of the other. All industrial racks can be expanded for additional storage capacity with the appropriate extensions.

What do I have to consider when installing storage shelving?

Companies are obliged to provide the necessary impact and collision protection when installing shelving, in addition to this they must comply with regulations on storage facilities.

Companies need to consider the following when installing shelving:

  • What products will be stored

  • Where the shelving will be positioned

  • The relevant regulations for storage facilities

  • Impact and collision protection

  • Annual inspections with the relevant industrial safety bodies

  • Ensuring the spill pallets are water tight

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