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Fire protection

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The DENIOS fire protection category offers effective solutions for protection against fires. From fire extinguisher cabinets to fire extinguishers and fire blankets. Protect employees, equipment and property from the effects of fire with DENIOS' high-quality fire protection solutions.

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Fire protection from DENIOS Ireland


Fire protection solutions from DENIOS offer superb protection against the outbreak of fire and the containment of smoke and flames. From fire extinguishers and fire blankets to stands, cabinets and boxes, DENIOS has everything required to protect offices, retail spaces, industrial sites and resi-dential properties from the spread of fire and prevent personal injury.

All DENIOS fire protection products are lightweight, sturdy, weather-resistant, impact-resistant and designed to be deployed in the place of operation without the need for complex mounting, extensive training or integration into existing fire protection interfaces.

It is essential that fire protection products be individually tested and checked as part of a fire protection plan that is approved by the local fire and rescue service.


When it comes to fire protection, it is better to be safe than sorry. Fires in the workplace are more common than may be widely realised: in the UK alone, almost 12,000 fires are reported on work sites each year. This makes it imperative to equip commercial, industrial and residential premises with sufficient fire protection solutions, i.e., fire extinguishers able to tackle a range of fire types, fire blankets, drop cloths, etc. It is also important to protect these products from accidental discharge, tampering, ambient conditions, inclement weather, unintentional knocks and similar events, and to allow for their secure transportation between sites.

DENIOS fire protection solutions all serve a unique purpose. Fire extinguishers are used to put out or contain fires, typically require formal training, and must be recharged after use. Fire extinguisher cabinets, boxes and stands are a simple means of protecting, mounting and securing an extinguisher while making them easily identifiable to persons authorised to use such equipment. Made of highly robust materials, these cabinets are impact, weather and temperature-resistant and can be installed indoors, outdoors or in large vehicles. Depending on the model, the cabinet may be fitted with a visual inspection plate for easy inspection of the extinguisher stored inside. Fire blankets are designed to combat small fires (such as a cooking fire), making them ideal for personal protection and for use by persons who may not wish to use a fire extinguisher.


While preventing the outbreak of fire is the best fire protection solution, fire extinguishers are essential for putting out fires or otherwise containing them prior to the arrival of qualified fire service personnel. There are various clas-ses of fire extinguisher available, with different capacities and extinguishing agents (water, wet chemicals, CO2, dry powder, foam). For more information, see the DENIOS product page for fire extinguishers and extinguishing agents.

A fire blanket is a sheet of woven fire-resistant material that is used in the event of a small fire. The blanket works by smothering the flames and cut-ting off the supply of oxygen to the fire, thereby extinguishing it. Fire blan-kets are not suitable for tackling large blazes. Stored in a wall-mounted case or pouch, this solution is compact and easy to install and can be added to the on-board equipment in a lorry, bus or transporter without taking up too much space. Fire blankets should be checked at regular intervals to ensure they remain suitable for use. They should be mounted in a clearly accessible location. Unlike a fire extinguisher, this is a single-use item.


Guarantee compliance with fire protection regulations and ensure safety and peace of mind for employees, customers and residents with superior-quality, high-visibility fire protection products from DENIOS. Browse the full range of fire extinguishers for different environments and protective cabinets and boxes now.

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