EX Rated Heating Jackets


Different substances and production processes require precise preparation. The practice-oriented solutions in the field of thermotechnology from DENIOS are designed to suit your needs.

When it comes to flexible heating of individual containers, especially in mobile applications, heating jackets and heating belts are used for drums and IBCs.

Heating jackets for barrels and IBCs are available with tank sizes from 25 to 1,000 liters, also for explosion-proof areas. Barrel heating belts are made of steel or silicone and are ideal for mobile use.

All our heating jackets are Atex certified and meet the EN 60079-0: 2004 & EN 60079-7: 2003 standards. The heating coats can reach temperatures of up to 80 ° C (barrel wall) or 55 ° C (IBC) by automatic temperature control.

You will also receive heating jackets for gas bottles and containers as explosion-proof versions according to ATEX. We also offer the heating jacket for gas bottles in a non-ex version. Many laboratory and industrial processes require a constant supply of gas.

When the liquid level drops quickly in the gas bottle, ice can form on the surface of the bottle - with a negative effect on the required gas flow. The heating jackets keep gas bottles at the required constant temperature and thus ensure the stability of the gas flow.

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