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Chemical Cabinets

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The use of chemicals is common in many industries today, even those not specifically involved with chemical processes, and a chemical storage cabinet offers the perfect solution. From cleaning products up, potentially hazardous chemicals are present in most workplaces and institutions, including schools and universities.

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Safe Storage with Chemical Cabinets

Chemical cupboards and cabinets are used for the safe storage of chemicals in the workplace. Many are classed as hazardous substances, so must be stored and handled with care. A DENIOS Hazmat Locker is ideal for the safe storage of water-polluting, non-flammable liquids and toxic substances in the workplace. Fully compliant with the latest regulations, this chemical cabinet comes with spill trays and a ventilation grid in the doors to prevent the build-up of potentially dangerous vapours.

Poor storage of chemicals can lead to them becoming unstable, increasing their risk factor. In some cases, these chemicals could explode, causing serious damage and the possible outbreak of fire. There is also a risk of illness or injury to individuals coming into contact with chemicals that are leaking due to improper storage, as well as the consequences of contamination in the event of a spillage.

Buying a full Chemicals Cabinet from DENIOS is the best solution to the problem of chemical storage and risk management. Fully assembled in fine sheet steel, the cabinets come with natural ventilation at the base and can be connected to technical ventilation via the cabinet roof. Double-walled doors with a cylinder lock in the handle provide full security, while an optional perforated plate insert for the spill pallet gives an extra loading area.

Compliant with regulations

The storage and handling of chemicals in the workplace is regulated under COSHH (Controls of Substances Hazardous to Health) regulations, which set out guidelines on how to look after these materials. Using a DENIOS Chemical Storage Cabinet is the best way to ensure full compliance with HAS and COSHH regulations, and protect your employees, visitors, and the immediate environment from accidents and contamination.

Where to store

When deciding where to store hazardous chemicals in the workplace, several factors must be considered. Ideally, all chemicals should be kept in a specified area where access can be controlled. This should be separate from the main workplace but close enough to limit the need for transportation from the storage space to where the chemicals are needed. Not only can transportation be arduous and time-consuming, but it is during this journey that the greatest risk of damage or contamination from occurs.

One solution is the use of a DENIOS Drum Cabinet Drum Store, which allows for the safe storage of larger quantities of hazardous materials in the workplace, reducing the need for risky, difficult transportation. This fully ventilated Drum Cabinet can store two 205 litre drums and includes an optional shelf for extra storage of smaller items.

A wide range of choices

Many chemicals must be stored separately from each other, either in separate Chemical Storage Cabinets or, more commonly, in strictly segregated compartments within a DENIOS Chemical Cabinet. DENIOS Chemical Storage Cabinets come in a range of sizes and can be floor-standing or wall-mounted. Their sturdy sheet steel construction provides safe, easy access via a choice of wing, sliding, or folding doors, some available with a glass insert for quick assessment and identification of the contents.

All chemical cabinets and storage units must be correctly labelled with the appropriate signage and stock levels carefully monitored. The area around your lockable Chemical Storage Cabinet should be kept clean and tidy, with particular attention to avoiding trip hazards or the build-up of flammable materials.

Spill Kits and Chemical Absorbents should also be kept close to hand so that any accidents can be contained and dealt with fast. All DENIOS Chemical Cabinets come with tested spillage decking and are fully compliant with HSE legislation and PPG 26 regulations. We also provide a range of Dispensing Cabinets for the safe distribution of hazardous substances in the workplace.

By choosing DENIOS products for your chemical storage solutions you are putting yourself in safe hands as we are an industry leader in the safe storage of hazardous materials. Our knowledgeable customer service team will be happy to answer your questions and help you find the right Chemical Storage Cabinet for your workplace needs.

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