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Combi HazMat Cabinets

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DENIOS combi HazMat cabinets enable the safe storage of different hazardous substances together, such as the combined storage of flammable and water-polluting liquids. This feature makes combi and multipurpose storage cabinets particularly versatile. Depending on the model, storage by type is facilitated by solid partitions. In addition, some models offer fire protection of 30 minutes (Type 30) or 90 minutes (Type 90). The combi HazMat cabinets are fitted with slide-out spill trays or slide-out shelves, loose or fitted shelves or with spill pallets or slide-out spill pallets. Further individual requirements are met by different door versions, door and body colours or various cabinet widths and heights.

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Combi HazMat Cabinets to meet official regulations

Store corrosive and flammable media together in the Combi Hazmat Storage Cabinet

In most cases, it makes sense to purchase a hazardous materials cabinet or environmental cabinet depending on the media that will later be stored in it. Not every cabinet is suitable for every medium, especially when it comes to fire protection, so it makes sense in many cases not to compromise. Nevertheless, sometimes different media have to be stored together in one cabinet for reasons of space or flexibility. Combi HazMat cabinets are an additional option while still complying with all official requirements. Depending on the design and model, flammable and corrosive substances can be stored in one cabinet system.

Types of Combi HazMat Cabinets

  • Fire-resistant cabinet type 30

  • Fire resistant cabinet type 90

  • With drip trays

  • With drawer trays

  • With shelves

How do I find the right safety cabinet?

The first question to answer, when deciding on which safety cabinet to use, should be: which product do I need to store? It is also important to determine whether a cabinet must be fire-resistant.

We have developed a practical product finder for our safety cabinets, with which you can easily find the right safety cabinet for your business. Just answer a few questions and the product finder will determine the ideal safety cabinet based on your criteria

Which chemicals may (not) be stored together?

Whether certain substances may be stored together is specified in the Technical Rules for Hazardous Substances HSG71 & HSG51. HSG71 initially classifies hazardous substances into storage classes . The respective class of a substance can be determined from the information on the safety data sheet or alternatively from the supplier's product information.

Advantages of our Combi HazMat Cabinets

  • Fire-resistant
  • Mixed storage of liquids
  • Liquid collection
  • Protection against unauthorised access
  • Sturdy construction
  • Clear sorting
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