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Drum Cabinets

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DENIOS drum storage cabinets are suitable for storing, collecting and filling small containers and drums, a DENIOS drum store is approved for the storage of substances hazardous to water and flammable liquids. DENIOS drum cabinets are available in many different sizes to meet individual requirements and suitable for internal and external installation.

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Drum Storage Cabinets from DENIOS

We offer several different configurations of chemical drum storage units for safe on-site storage in workshops, laboratories, plant floors, and other testing and production environments where a full drum storage container would be unnecessary or oversized.

DENIOS are industry leaders in hazmat storage, and our bunded drum storage containers are all compliant with HSE and Environment Agency regulations. We take your safety and security very seriously, with quality construction and smart designs that offer convenience and optimal functionality.

Storage cabinet units

Our selection of bunded drum storage cabinets offer variety and convenience in a small format suitable for interior or exterior placement and are certified with industry-leading safety ratings.

The Drum Cabinet Drum Store CS 150, with Wing Doors, Sump and Grid is an accessible storage solution for toxic or water-polluting substances that are not flammable. With space for up to two standard 205-litre drums, it’s an affordable and convenient way to keep hazardous materials where you need them regularly without the added risk of transport.

Our Fire-Resistant Drum Cabinet Vbf 90.1 is ideal for storing a limited volume of flammable materials, with room for one 205-litre standing drum and optional small overhead storage. The air inlet and outlet openings will self-close in the event of a fire, making this an effective choice whether or not you install an air extraction system connection.

We also offer a number of variations on our fire-resistant drum cabinet design, including a larger two-drum format with an optional rack base or multi-level shelving system for the storage of smaller drums, barrels, and containers. Whether you need safe, quick access to a single substance, or access to a wide variety of hazardous chemicals for your lab or production environment, we can offer the right size, safety ratings, and configuration for your needs.

Where to use

Our range of chemical drum storage units is ideal for indoor or external locations and comes with locking double wing doors for convenience and to keep hazardous and restricted materials secure.

Bunded drum storage cabinets have a raised rim to contain any leakage that might occur and become an environmental or work safety hazard. Most of our drum storage cabinets are also fire-resistant, making them a good choice if your lab or production facility requires indoor storage of volatile substances.

Each drum storage unit can fit one to two full-size standard barrels or multiple smaller containers, and each storage cabinet can be adjusted with optional shelving for smaller and raised storage requirements. Each drum cabinet is small enough to fit comfortably in any environment, from small-scale labs to large warehouses or production facilities.

Food manufacturers may find our barrel storage units a handy way to keep acidic substances nearby in limited quantities, while oil and gas industry specialists may prefer the limited volume drum store format to safely separate larger amounts of volatile substances in smaller, contained portions for reduced risk.

Where larger volumes of secure bunded drum storage are needed, our extensive range of Storage Containers and Systems can safely hold up to 144 drums. Our line of Drum Lifting Equipment is an excellent pairing with the containers or storage cabinets to help employees move and lift heavy, unwieldy, and potentially dangerous drums safely and easily.

Safety and compliance

Storage cabinets house smaller amounts of frequently used chemicals or toxic substances in a safe, secure, and easily accessed format for your warehouse, lab, or other industrial use case. Storing substances where they will be used limits the risk inherent in transporting toxic materials from a larger storage site elsewhere.

Our lockable bunded drum stores guard against environmental pollution and the escape of toxic, corrosive, or volatile substances. Our fire-resistant cabinets protect against the risk of explosion or ignition. The accessible location and format, including customizable shelving, help guard against employee injury or strain when lifting and moving containers.

All our cabinets are approved for the storage of substances hazardous to water as well as acidic and alkali substances, and our fire-resistant cabinets extend that high safety rating to volatile and flammable substances. Use them with appropriate Drum Lifting Equipment and Drum Openers to ensure your workplace is fully compliant with health and safety and environmental protection practices.

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