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Drum Storage Racking

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Drum racks from DENIOS offer enough space for several drums in different materials. They have a robust steel construction and offer additional protection when working with the stored medium. The drum racks have up to three storage levels and vary in width. The shelves can be fitted with spill pallets, the material and containment volume of which can be adapted to the stored hazardous substances. The drum racks can be extended as desired with additional extension shelves.

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Storage in drum racks

Stable, space-saving, multifunctional: Drum racks are ideal for storing drums and filling oils, varnishes, paints, cleaning agents, acids, alkalis and other aggressive chemicals. Thanks to the integrated spill pallet, they also meet the requirements for the storage of hazardous substances.

The drum racks are made of a robust steel construction with drum support. Thanks to screw connections, they are quick and easy to assemble. Below the shelf is the spill pallet. Depending on the characteristics of the stored substance, you use a spill pallets made of steel or polyethylene.

Which drums can be stored in a drum rack?

Drum racks are ideal for storing drums and dispensing oils, paints, dyes, cleaning agents, acids, alkalis and other aggressive chemicals. Thanks to the integrated spill pallet, the requirements for storing hazardous substances are also met at the same time.

The drum racks consist of a robust steel construction with drum support.Screwed connections make the drum racks quick and easy to assemble.A spill pallet is fitted underneath the rack. Depending on the nature of the stored substance, a spill pallet made of steel or polyethylene is used.

Choose between two shelf widths and shelf heights for your drum rack and combine them with a spill pallet in either steel or polyethylene. Drum racks are suitable for storing 60 and 205 litre drums as well as small containers. With dispensing trays and drum taps, you can expand your drum racks into a convenient dispensing station. Depending on the rack, several drums and small containers can also be stored on top of each other.

How large should the spill pallet for my drum rack be?

The following applies to all spill pallets: They must be able to hold either the contents of the largest container or at least 10 % of the stored liquid volume. If water-polluting substances are stored in drum racks, it must be possible to contain 100 % of the stored quantity. At the same time, it is important to ensure that the right spill pallet is selected for the drum contents and storage location. You can find more information on hazardous material storage with spill pallets in our practical Spill Pallet Guide.

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