Storage Shelves

Storage shelves

With a shelf shelf made by DENIOS, you acquire a flexible and load-bearing shelf system in a plug-in design that is easy to install. For example, store workshop equipment or production equipment professionally in a shelf shelf.

The construction is quick and easy. The galvanized shelves as bearing levels increase the stability of the shelf system with their bracing straps. The height adjustability of the compartments also ensures high flexibility. With DENIOS shelf shelves, you remain flexible, as the system can be variably expanded. The shelves are manufactured according to valid regulations and safety standards.

Changes to the shelf division are possible without problems. Each shelf is made of two galvanized shelves, each of which has a side frame. The galvanized shelves are inserted into special bracing lines. As a result of a few individual components, a stable as well as a flexible shelving system can be accommodated

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