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Eye Wash Stations

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In the event of chemicals getting into the eyes, speed is of the essence. There may be as little as ten to 15 seconds before a corrosive substance does serious damage. Having quick access to an eye wash station can make all the difference between a full recovery and a life-changing injury. DENIOS IE stocks a wide range of eye wash stations.

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Eye wash stations from DENIOS

Where to situate the eye wash station

If a hazardous substance comes into contact with the eye, prompt treatment is necessary, so there should be an eye wash station available close to any areas where contact could take place. For the majority of the eye wash stations stocked at DENIOS IE, it needs to be somewhere that can connect with a water supply and in an area where it can be securely mounted. As well as wall-mounted eye wash stations, among the available options DENIOS IE also has the Eye and Face Shower to be secured to the floor.

In some circumstances, it may not be possible or necessary to have a permanent eye wash station. If chemicals are moved around large premises, for example, there may be occasions when the personnel are not close enough to an eye wash station to access it for prompt treatment. Or, perhaps if chemicals are only temporarily in an area, there may be no need for a fixed eye wash station. In those circumstances, a portable eye wash station is an ideal solution. Take a look at the range of Eye Wash Bottles for the options offered.

You can find different variants in our assortment:

  • Eye showers for wall, table or floor mounting
  • Hand-held eye shower or shower with catch basin (plastic or stainless steel)
  • One or two shower heads

Types of eye wash stations

There are several different types of eye wash stations. These include an Eye Shower, which is designed to be attached to a wall and provides a spray that can be directed comfortably into the eye. Other options include an Eye and Face Shower, which includes a basin, allowing the whole face to be washed. It is not always possible to attach an eye wash station to the water supply. If that is the case on your premises, take a look at the Eyewash Station with 60-litre Storage Container. It can be attached to a wall and filled with an eye wash solution.

  • Quick help in an emergency

  • Simple and reliable function

  • Ergonomically shaped

What are the legal regulations and standards?

Safety at work is covered by a number of regulations, which can be bewildering. However, you can shop with confidence at DENIOS IE. As a leading provider of environmental health products, we make sure that our products are in compliance with the regulations, and all the eye wash kits comply with the latest EN 15154 regulation.

Eye wash stations and eye wash bottle stations need to be cleaned and inspected regularly to ensure that they are in good condition. It is recommended that they are checked at least once a month but check the manufacturer’s handbook to ensure that is sufficient for the model that you own. If any problems are noticed between inspections, make sure that your employees know how to report it so that problems are undiscovered until the emergency treatment needs to take place.

Industrial environments can often be busy places, so it is essential that there is clear access to the first aid eye wash, whether it is in a fixed or temporary position. Make sure that it is visible with clear signage if necessary so that even those new to the premises can access the treatment if required.

  • Part 1 Body showers with water connection in laboratories
  • Part 2 Eye showers with water connection
  • Part 3 Body showers without water connection
  • Part 4 Eye showers without water connection
  • Part 5 Body showers with water connection for production facilities (Part 5 is currently still in the planning stage. From today's point of view, it will be clearly oriented towards DIN 12899-3 (2009 edition), which will continue to be valid).

How often do eye showers need to be checked?

All safety showers should be serviced and cleaned regularly - at least every 6 months. Furthermore, they must be checked regularly (at least once a month or as specified by the manufacturer) to ensure that they are functioning properly.

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