Eye Wash Stations

Eye wash stations

Eye/face wash stations and emergency deluge combination showers are essential when all other safety precautions have failed. They offer fast relief in case of an eye injury. DENIOS has an extensive product range including eye wash bottles for the workplace.

Stationary eye/face wash stations and emergency deluge combination showers provide employees with piece of mind when handling aggressive hazardous materials - ensuring they work carmly and without fear of accident.

All DENIOS eyewash and deluge shower equipment comply with the latest EN 15154 regulation.

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What types of emergency showers are available?

According to your operational requirements, you can choose between an eye shower or a combined body and eye shower. At DENIOS you will find eye showers and facial showers for wall, table or floor mounting. Both the eye shower and the face shower are available with or without a basin.

At DENIOS, you choose from a wide product range the suitable version of an emergency or eye shower, tested and equipped according to the current DIN EN 15154.

How often do emergency showers have to be tested?

All emergency showers should be serviced and cleaned at least every 6 months. Furthermore, they must be checked regularly (at least once a month or according to the specifications of the manufacturer) for their functionality.