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DENIOS HazMat-Storage-Checker

Do you store your different hazardous substances together? Are they compliant with the regulations? HSG71 determines for which combinations combined storage is permitted, only permitted to a limited extent, or when separate storage is required. The DENIOS HazMat-Storage-Checker will help you ensure your hazardous material storage is safe and within regulatory requirements. It is available as an app for iPhone, iPad, Android devices and PC.

Play it safe when storing together according to HSG71

All relevant legal requirements from HSG71 are contained in the useful HazMat-Storage-Checker. Simply select two or more hazardous substances and see if combined storage is permitted:

  • Any number of storage classes can be compared
  • Clear result of which combinations are permitted (green), restricted (yellow) or prohibited (red)
  • In the case of restricted combined storage (yellow), you will see exactly what must be observed in order to store the hazardous substances together
  • If combined storage is not permitted (red), the reason and the general requirements for storage of the substance are given

How the DENIOS HazMat-Storage-Checker works

Select two or more hazardous substances or storage classes. The app then shows you which combinations are permitted (green), restricted (yellow) or prohibited (red). Information on relevant laws and regulations is displayed on an extra tab.

Additional useful information about hazardous material storage

  • You can also find out what conditions must be observed in accordance with HSG51, CS21, PPG26, Oil Storage Regulations and L138 (DSEAR) guidelines on the storage of hazardous substances in a separate tab.
  • Relevant information about laws and regulations on the storage of hazardous substances can be viewed clearly on a separate tab.

DENIOS supports you in your warehouse management

In addition to providing a reliable and quick overview of the applicable hazardous substances legislation, the HazMat-Storage-Checker offers additional benefits. In the event of prohibited on mixed storage, for example, you can get support from DENIOS directly via the app:

  • Request advice via the app from DENIOS hazardous substance storage experts
  • Request quotations directly via app, for example for legally-compliant hazardous materials stores
  • Contact DENIOS via App, email, telephone

Download Options

The DENIOS HazMat-Storage-Checker is currently available as a mobile app for iOS and Android. Download the app in Apple App Store and Google Play Store. Alternatively, scan the respective QR code with your iPhone, iPad or Android device. You will be automatically redirected to the Store.

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