Traffic Safety for Industrial Plants & Factories

What can you do to increase security?

With some organizational changes, it is already possible to achieve a high degree of effectiveness for traffic safety on the site.

  • Separation of the traffic and pedestrian paths as well as the cycle paths
  • Defusing intersections by separating the traffic routes or by providing auxiliary means, B. Mirroring
  • Regulation of traffic flow, Traffic lights, traffic signs, one-way streets
  • Regularly check, if traffic leads to dangerous encounters, near-accidents or accidents (ask for feedback from employees, statistics)
  • In particularly critical situations, Eg when reversing on the loading lamp, use persons as a guide
  • Create a sufficient number of parking spaces
  • In the case of unclear work premises, inform the visitor about the rules on the premises (instructions, sketches)
  • Winter car park and roads safety
  • Regularly analyze and, if necessary, improve the condition of roads, repair damaged roads immediately, always keep traffic routes and escape routes clear

What tools also help ensure greater safety on the premises?


Traffic safety on your premises is designed to protect your employees and customers. DENIOS offers a wide range of tools to help you organize traffic on your premises and ensure the safety of people and machines.  

Park stops regulate the parking behavior of employees and visitors. They are ideal for delimiting parking spaces or green areas. Vehicles are effectively protected against damage from building walls or walls.

Polyethylene flooring tapes in different colors can be used to identify different zones flexibly. The marking strips can be removed from most floors without residue and are therefore particularly suitable for short- and medium-term measures. 

Traffic cones are used for simple and at the same time conspicuous shut-off of danger points. They are optionally available in the daylight or for the night use with reflective white stripes. Traffic mirrors, wide-angle mirrors and panoramic mirrors ensure perfect all-round visibility and increased security in companies and operations.