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Traffic safety

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Ensure the safety of your staff and equipment with traffic safety equipment, especially important in environments where vehicles such as forklifts are used.

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Traffic Safety

DENIOS IE is a trusted and reliable source of work safety and personal protective equipment, which includes an impressive range of traffic safety products.

It is critical to ensure the safety of your employees and machinery, especially in environments where you use vehicles such as forklifts. Traffic safety at your facility protects your employees as well as site visitors and customers, and DENIOS IE has a broad selection of products to help you organise traffic at your facility and keep your people and machines safe.

Parking stops regulate the parking behaviour of both your employees and visitors and are ideal for delimiting parking spaces or green areas. These products effectively protect vehicles against damage from building walls. You can use polyethylene flooring tapes in various colours to demarcate different zones accommodatingly. The marking strips are removable from most floors without leaving any residue, making them particularly suitable for short- and medium-term measures. You can use traffic cones to restrict access to danger points simply and conspicuously. They are suitable for use during the day or at night with reflective white stripes. Wide-angle mirrors, traffic mirrors and panoramic mirrors ensure perfect 360-degree visibility and increased security at your facilities.

What other aids ensure more safety on the premises?

Traffic cones and bollards: DENIOS IE has a wide selection of traffic cones and bollards to meet your needs. Our Traffic Cone PVC products are extremely long-lasting and sturdy, and they prominently mark hazards in the workplace. Our durable bollards are highly resistant to wear. They work well for both indoor and outdoor use and are highly visible during the day and night.

Hose and cable bridges: We have an excellent range of hose and cable bridges to cover various sizes of hoses and cables. Our hose and cable bridges, including the Roll-Up Cable Bridge, ensure that you can safely drive over hoses and cables while protecting them from damage. You can easily join sections together to cover a larger area.

Speed ramps: DENIOS IE offers you speed ramps to control the speed of traffic at your facility. These products are suitable for restricting the speed of cars, lorries and forklifts. Our speed ramps’ construction features a combination of plastic and rubber, and they are available in different specifications depending upon the maximum driving speed that you wish to allow.

Industrial and traffic mirrors: Our company provides a vast choice of industrial and traffic mirrors. Industrial mirrors such as the Industrial Mirror G 3 are ideal for observing hazardous areas in production and storage areas, while our traffic mirrors are suitable for monitoring traffic at entrances to reduce the possibility of accidents.

Our service

DENIOS IE ensures that all our traffic safety products come with free delivery, a warranty of up to four years and a return policy of 30 days. Our customers can always rely on our knowledgeable customer service team and our reputable quality assurance system. We encourage you to get in touch with our technical support team or any of our engineers if you have a query about our services or products. Our customer service team members are here to offer prompt and trusted support in resolving your concerns.

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