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Waste Oil Tanks

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These hazardous material collectors are perfectly adapted to the stored substances due to their construction from either steel or plastic. Ideal for the recovery of oils, fuel oil, diesel fuel, lubricant.

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Waste Oil Tanks from DENIOS

DENIOS is a reputable provider of waste oil tanks as well as an extended product line of cleaning and disposal equipment.

The improper collection of waste oil can be a fire hazard in an industrial facility regardless of the product that you are manufacturing. DENIOS offers a broad range of waste oil tanks for the collection and ultimate disposal of hazardous waste oil substances. We have various versions of waste oil tanks to meet your requirements with a volume capacity ranging from ten litres to 19 litres. All our waste oil tanks meet the standards and regulations of all European countries.

Our waste oil tanks are perfectly suited for storing hazardous waste oil, as they feature either steel, stainless steel or polyethylene in their composition. Our waste oil tanks are Ideal for the recovery of oils, fuel oil, diesel fuel and lubricants.

Polyethylene waste oil tanks

DENIOS offers several versions of polyethylene waste oil tanks. These waste oil tanks are perfect for collecting residual and waste liquids. They have earthing connections between the liquid and the lid, and they also have a flame protection filter and self-closing fixtures made from stainless steel. The Polyethylene Safety Container has a large filling opening of about 100 mm, and its construction features polyethylene measuring four millimetres in thickness. Our polyethylene waste oil tanks are impact-proof, tested to meet European standards and have capacities ranging from 11 litres to 19 litres.

Steel and stainless steel waste oil tanks

We offer various models of steel waste oil tanks. Our Safety Container Made From Steel works well for collecting flammable residue and waste liquids and is manufactured from galvanised steel plate. The steel waste oil tanks come equipped with a flame protection filter and self-closing fixtures. These products also have a large filling opening of approximately 100 mm in diameter, meet all European safety standards and have capacities ranging from ten litres to 19 litres.

DENIOS has several types of stainless steel waste oil tanks. Our Stainless Steel Safety Containers are ideal for dispensing hazardous liquids. Our stainless steel waste oil tanks feature a flame protection filter in the filter opening, a self-closing lid and an overpressure valve. The stainless steel waste oil tanks comply with European safety standards and have capacities ranging from 10 litres to 19 litres.

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