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Transport trolleys

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Transport Trolleys are necessary every day products for production and fulfillment companies, used for a wide range of transport purposes. Forklift attachments as well as cranes and hoists complete the extensive range.

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Transport Trolleys from DENIOS

Transport and Lifting Equipment

At DENIOS, we understand the need for transport and lifting equipment in a range of industries to facilitate daily operations and a smooth logistical process. Certain materials, stock or products are just too heavy, fragile or bulky to move without mechanical assistance. Whether your business provides delivery and distribution services, relies on a warehouse, or works in industries like construction or manufacturing – movement is crucial to your company.

We offer a broad array of transport and lifting equipment that can meet your company’s unique requirements. These include Platform & Tiered Trolleys, Transport Trolleys and Dollies, Hand Trucks, Cranes and Lifting Equipment, Pallet Trucks and Forklift Attachments. Our wide range of products provides excellent solutions to diverse logistical needs, allowing your employees to operate more efficiently and safely. Our products have also been specially designed with durability in mind to cater to different demands of the workplace in order to carry out several operations on a day-to-day basis.

Our transport and lifting equipment

  • Platform and Tiered Trolleys, also known as Workshop Dollies, are versatile solutions that can also serve as work tables. They provide a means for the safe transportation of materials on a stable yet mobile device. The robust wheels underneath make relocation a breeze for your employees, while ensuring that no direct physical contact is necessary with the containers carrying hazardous substances, heavy objects or delicate items.

  • Our Hand Trucks are capable of loading material up to 350kg and come in different materials, like aluminium, steel or stainless steel. Hand Trucks ensure hassle-free and convenient transportation of different loads, providing optimum work safety while carrying out several operations.

  • Pallet Trucks are designed to provide exceptional stability to the forks that perform lifting actions. They are robust devices that come equipped with a pump body, requiring minimal maintenance. Several types of Pallet Trucks available at DENIOS include High Life Pallet Trucks, Stackers and Scissor Lift Tables. All have been specifically designed to reliably meet the demands of daily use in the workplace.

  • We offer a broad selection of Crane and Lifting Equipment which are ideal for picking up loads from above. Counterweights feature in these pieces of machinery to prevent them toppling over when used in line with safe recommended guidelines. The crane arms come in various lengths, and can securely rotate to different angles, allowing users to complete a range of tasks with these devices. We also offer fork extension products, so you can customise these products with a bolt locking facility that ensures the prevention of slipping. Alternatively, you can add an extension that improves the fork reach by 75%.

  • DENIOS also stocks many different Forklift Attachments to increase the utility of these mechanical devices, allowing them to perform even more roles within the workplace. For instance, they can be deployed when the goods are too heavy to be lifted by traditional mainstream forklift blades, or these cannot be inserted underneath the items that need lifting. These forklift attachments, fork extensions and crane arms increase the overall efficiency of your operations.

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