Drum Storage, Bunded Storage for Drums and Small Containers

Bunded stores for drums and small containers

DENIOS bunded storage solutions are designed ideally for storing smaller containers and low quantities of drums and offer efficient protection and safety in a small space and are ideal for installation outdoors.

Thanks to their compact size they are ideal as dispensing or collecting stations with collecting volumes of up to 1250 litres.

Plug-shelf items allow for a large variety of combinations of vertical and horizontal storage of various hazardous substances.

Available painted or galvanized for the storage of flammable liquids or in polyethylene (PE) for high chemical resistance to acids and alkalis.

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For small containers, drums and IBCs

Kleingebinde lagern in Gefahrstoff-Depots gesetzeskonform und sicher.

Particularly suitable are hazardous substance depots for the storage of 200-liter standard drums and IBC. In combination with pluggable shelf parts, standing and lying storage of 60-liter drums or small containers is also possible. Additional installation shelves for small containers and filling blocks for filling and dosing processes make the cost-conscious storage solutions variable for every application.

Depending on the version, DENIOS hazardous substance depots are approved for the prescriptive storage of substances of all water hazard classes, flammable liquids (H224-226) or aggressive chemicals. The hazardous substance depots are suitable for outdoor installation

Store hazardous substances safely

Since a wide variety of hazardous substances are used in companies, appropriate storage options are essential. Hazardous substances require special care during storage: on the one hand unauthorized third party access to the stored goods should be avoided, on the other hand should be protected against possible damage in the event of leakage of the storage container man and the environment.

Hazardous substance depots are economical solutions for keeping hazardous substances in compliance with the law, safe and convenient. Optionally, certain models can be equipped with technical ventilation and electric heating (to protect against frost). For larger storage quantities we recommend our technical room systems.

Mit praktischen Details überzeugen DENIOS Gefahrstoff-Depots im Produktionsalltag.

Production Facilities

Gefahrstoff-Depots aus Kunststoff können im Innen- und Außenbereich aufgestellt werden.

Hazardous material depots for the storage of drums, small containers and IBCs are usually made up of two basic components, a drip tray and the structure.

A drip tray forms the basis for catching the escaping hazardous substances in the event of a leak in a storage container. The size of the drip pan also determines the storage capacity for which a hazardous substance depot is permitted. The various DENIOS Hazardous Substance Depots have a storage capacity of one 200 liter drum up to two IBCs of 1000 liters each.

The second component of hazardous substance depots is the structure, which is intended to protect the stored hazardous substances against unauthorized access and the storage containers from environmental influences. Integrated locks provide the necessary protection against unauthorized access. Many hazardous material depots have a bottom clearance of 100 mm or forklift entrance pockets, so they can easily be transported by forklift truck.

Hazardous goods storage

With a hazardous substances depot from DENIOS, you store hazardous substances in legal, safe and comfortable form. Hazardous material depots are suitable for storing, collecting and filling small containers, drums and up to two IBCs.


  • Safe storage solutions
  • Shelves for small containers
  • Safe storage of aggressive chemicals
  • Storage of highly flammable materials and liquids
  • Indoor and outdoor installation
  • Integrated spill tray
  • DENIOS quality guarantee

Choose between hazardous material depots with plastic covers for the storage of water-endangering substances and hazardous material depots with steel covers for the storage of flammable liquids. The gas-filled support lid facilitates the opening and closing of the hazardous material deposit, which is optionally available in a lacquered or galvanized version.

The large combination of standing and horizontal storage due to pluggable shelf parts makes the hazardous material depot universally applicable. Hazardous material depots of the MC-D series are suitable for storing drums, small containers and IBCs in buildings or outdoors. In addition, they are perfect for filling operations. The insulated version MC-D ISO allows frost-free storage of temperature-sensitive substances.

Optional equipment:
Optionally, your hazardous material depot can be equipped with technical ventilation and electric heating (to protect against frost effect). Additional installation gasses for small containers and filling blocks for filling and dosing processes make your hazardous material depot variable for every application. For larger quantities, we recommend the DENIOS hazardous substance container.

Drum Storage & Bunded Stores for Drums and Small Containers

“Hazardous material” is a blanket term that encompasses several innocuous items in addition to explosives, fuel and chemicals. Material that is hazardous requires careful attention to its use as well as storage. If your business operations need a large supply of such material on a regular basis, then you may want to consider long-term storage solutions. These keep your workshop or business premises safe as well as store material in a state where you can put it to good use.

Storage solutions available only from DENIOS

To ensure that you are utilising the proper storage solutions for the hazardous material in your possession, you must check with the relevant authorities. You will need specialised containers for such materials. DENIOS UK offers a wide range of storage solutions to store and preserve almost all types of hazardous materials.

Take, for instance, our bunded drum storage solution. Designed primarily as an outdoor storage solution that holds smaller containers and low quantities of drums, these products are compact yet very effective for storing even highly flammable liquids safely. If you are looking at using bunded storage cabinets but are unsure if they are apt for the hazardous materials in your possession, then here is some essential information for you to consider:

What are bunded stores used for?

Environmental laws and industry regulations require businesses and workshops that store fuels and other hazardous chemicals in liquid form onsite to use bunded storage solutions. To understand the importance of using bunded storage cabinets, it is essential to have knowledge of the utility of these drum bunds.

Bunded drum storage solutions use a bund liner that tends to act as a spill reservoir. This liner ensures the safe storage of potentially hazardous liquid chemicals. Without storage solutions such as these, there is always a risk of chemical leakage that can contaminate the soil as well as the groundwater. This results in dire consequences for business operations, particularly in the case of a farming enterprise that stores chemical pesticides onsite.

What are the recommendations?

The Pollution Prevention Guidelines (PPG), issued by the Environment Agency of England and Wales, recommends the usage of drum storage for hazardous materials as a good practice. As per the PPG guidelines, if you are causing pollution or allowing it to occur, then this is a criminal offence. The use of bunded storage solutions can protect you and your workshop from any litigation issues relating to environmental damage.

The drum storage solutions offered by DENIOS UK all meet the necessary recommendation issued by PPG, which ensures that using our storage solutions can prevent the risk of legal charges.

Where can you use bunded drum storage solutions?

DENIOS UK bunded storage solutions for drums and other small containers are ideal for the outdoors as well as inside your workshop premises. There is a wide range of storage drums and bunded stores available to meet different space requirements. Based on the chemical that you intend to store as well as the area where you would like to install the storage solution, you can choose from the products that we have available.

Which model do I need – PE or steel for drums or small containers?

This highly depends on the type of potentially hazardous material that you need to store. Typically, the material of the bund drum storage solutions should be resistant to the material stored in the drum bunds. To make it easy for you to choose the right drum bund material, you can follow this rule of thumb – for all materials and liquids that are flammable or may contaminate water or soil, it is best to use steel bunded storage. Examples of such materials are oils, paints and varnishes. DENIOS UK offers drum storage solutions such as the Galvanized Hazardous Material Station 4 and the Drum Storage Unit P2-R, both of which work in such cases based on the chemical or liquid that you intend to store.

For aggressive chemicals such as acids and alkali substances, polyethylene (PE) bunded drum storage solutions are ideal. As PE is a non-corrosive substance, products such as the PolySafe-Depot Typ C 4 Drums are a great solution for storage of these chemicals.

Having the right bunded drum storage solutions will not only prevent contamination of the potentially hazardous materials that you are storing onsite but will also safeguard your workshop and premises from any risks due to the accidental spilling of these substances. Contact DENIOS UK for the best storage solutions today. Our bunded drum storage solutions come with a 30-day return policy, free delivery and up to a four-year warranty.