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Lubricating Equipment

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Lubrication devices facilitate large-scale lubrication with compressed air assistance in agricultural machinery, construction or shipping. They are suitable for oils and fats of different consistency classes.

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Lubricating Equipment from DENIOS

As part of our full line of lubrication technology products for hazardous material handling products, DENIOS offers an excellent selection of lubrication equipment to meet your specific applications.

All businesses that use equipment or vehicles in their operations need to lubricate them at appropriate intervals to keep them working at peak efficiency and to avoid damage from excessive friction that can reduce their useful life.

DENIOS makes it easy to find the right lubrication equipment. We offer both stationary and mobile compressed air lubrication equipment to fit three sizes of grease follower lids to keep your vehicles, industrial equipment, construction equipment and agricultural equipment running smoothly.

If you need equipment for smaller-scale lubricating tasks, we also offer an excellent selection of both battery-operated and manual grease guns.

Compressed air lubrication equipment

DENIOS has an excellent selection of compressed air lubrication equipment. These units are ideal for providing economic lubrication for public and private vehicle fleets, agricultural, construction, mining, shipping and industrial fields and in workshops. Models are available to fit three sizes of grease follower lids: 300mm to 340mm, 360mm to 405mm, and 550mm to 590mm. They are suitable for oils and greases up to a class 2 consistency and multi-purpose bio greases.

Our compressed air lubrication equipment comes with a pre-charging system for the safe supply of long-life greases and feature an intake hose and safety lubrication hoses with large internal diameters. They have a 1:55 transfer ratio and a transfer rate of approximately 600 ccm/min for free output and 7 bar input pressure. Our compressed air lubrication equipment also features a high-pressure lubrication nozzle with a ball bearing profi-z swivel. The compressed air connection and grease output both have a G 1/4" internal thread.

Our compressed air lubrication equipment operates at a minimum of 3 bar and a maximum of 10 bar, with a burst pressure of 1600 bar. Our models include a maintenance unit for low-wear operation, a 2" drum thread and a 4m hose. Our compressed air lubrication equipment is manufactured from steel.

Mobile compressed air lubrication equipment

We also offer a choice of mobile compressed air lubrication equipment. These models include a trolley to easily facilitate mobile applications. Otherwise, these models meet the same specifications as our stationary compressed air lubrication equipment.

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