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Pneumatic Pumps

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Compressed air membrane pumps manufactured from NIRO/PTFE are suitable for areas subject to explosion hazards. This membrane pump is suitable for the safe and reliable extraction of susceptible, high-viscosity substances with solid particles as well as the extraction of abrasive substances.

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Flammable Drum Pumps

As part of our full line of hazardous material handling products, DENIOS offers an excellent selection of flammable drum pumps.

All businesses that use flammable liquids in their operations need to ensure that their employees can safely fill, refill and empty drums and containers containing these liquids without exposure to the liquids and the fumes that these liquids can generate. Since the liquids are flammable, providing protection against explosions is also of the utmost importance.

DENIOS offers a broad range of explosion-proof electric drum pumps for flammable materials. These pumps are suitable for safely filling, refilling and emptying drums and containers with solvents, petrol, alcohol and other flammable liquids. Our electric flammable drum pumps are available as a ready-to-use set consisting of a pump, an immersion pipe with a media-resistant hose, a pump nozzle, a drum adapter and a potential equalisation cable.

We also offer a selection of compressed air membrane pumps. They are manufactured from Nitro stainless steel and polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE), and they are ideal for areas that are subject to explosion hazards. This membrane pump allows your employees to extract abrasive substances and high-viscosity substances that contain solid particles safely and reliably.

Drum and container pumps

DENIOS has available an excellent choice of flammable drum pumps and container pumps. They are perfect for filling, refilling and emptying flammable liquids from drums and containers, and they are suitable for use with kerosene, butanol, methanol, ethanol, petroleum and petrol. Our pumps have been tested to meet Atex standards for electrical explosion-proof equipment. The pump has a 230 V/460 W electric motor and comes with a 5m cable and a Schuko AC power plug. The pump also comes with an equipotential bonding cable, and a 3-pin explosion-proof electrical plug is available at an additional cost.

Pneumatic diaphragm pumps

We have a selection of pneumatic diaphragm pumps available that are ideal for use in explosion-protected areas of industrial operations. These lightweight, maintenance-free pumps do not require an electrical connection and are easy to operate. They are dry self-priming, do not have a compression gland and are safe to run dry. Our compressed air membrane drum pumps for flammable liquids allow for the reliable and safe transfer of almost all flammable liquids, including high-viscosity liquids with solid particles, abrasive substances and other liquids containing solid particles. These pumps are suitable for alcohol, acetone, benzene, dyes, ethyl acetate, hydrogen peroxide, kerosene, methyl acetone, nitric acid, paints, petroleum, toluene, trichlorethylene, turpentine and xylene. An optional kit is available for emptying drums.

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