ASF & ASP Tanks for Collection & Transport of Chemicals

ASF- and ASP containers

Many substances used in today’s industry are classed as hazardous. These may be highly flammable, toxic, corrosive or dangerous when mixed with water. The correct storage of these hazardous products, especially as waste materials, is essential in order to maintain work safety and environmental protection, as well as full compliance with applicable regulations.

DENIOS UK is committed to protecting the environment while also providing cost-effective and legally compliant means for the storage, transportation and disposal of hazardous substances. If incorrectly stored and/or transported, these hazardous substances can pose a serious risk to the health of your personnel, as well as risking the contamination of your immediate environment and, via the water supply, the wider area.

Hazardous waste materials, therefore, pose a potential danger to the general public as well as wildlife and its natural habitat. Leakage or spillage could result in severe consequences, with additional costs in terms of fines and legal action for non-compliance with industry and government regulations. This could also do potentially irreparable damage to your company's reputation.

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ASF Containers

Our ASF Containers are specifically designed for the collection, storage and transportation of hazardous liquids. A Double Walled, Hot Dip Galvanised 1000 Litre ASF Container can be used for passive storage or active storage up to 450 litres, with no limitations. Active storage above 450 litres is permitted for substances with a flashpoint up to 55 degrees Celsius to WGK 3.

No additional spill pallet is required for storage, and all containers include forklift pockets for easy transportation, with no limitation on flashpoint or water-polluting class. The upper section includes a manhole (NW 400) and 1/2" safety valve. Double Walled, Hot Dip Galvanised ASF Containers are also available in 800, 445, 280 and 100 litre sizes.

ASP Containers

An ASP Container is for solid substances that can be transported in IBC large containers or steel boxes, in accordance with ADR/RID. A 240 Litre Hot Tip Galvanised ASP Container For Collecting And Transport can be used for both passive and active storage, though in the latter case the ASP Container must be placed on a solid surface so that spillages can be immediately detected and cleaned up.

This Hot Dip Galvanised ASP Container also comes in 600 or 800 litre sizes, and Polythene Bag Liners are available for all models. Each ASP Container has a lid with spring-assisted hinges that can hold at 70 or 270 degrees, for easy opening.

An ASP Container For Collecting And Transport Of Empty Spray Cans is also available, with an 800-litre volume for passive storage of used spray cans in a single wall, hot tip galvanised steel container.

Single Walled ASF Containers

Hot Dip Galvanised, Single Walled ASF Containers are available with or without a bottom drain, in 1000 Litre, 880 litre and 445 litre capacities. There is also a 200 Litre Volume Single Walled ASF Container with no bottom drain. Active storage is permitted for substances with a flashpoint greater than 55 degrees Celsius, up to WGK2. From WGK3 a spill pallet is required.

DENIOS UK products will help you to maintain the highest standards of responsibility in collecting and transporting hazardous waste.