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Key Cabinets

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Key cabinets are an essential piece of equipment when it comes to security. Made from steel or aluminium, these cabinets come in a variety of lock options to suit your particular needs.

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Key Boxes and Key Cabinets from DENIOS Ireland


Production sites are home to many different types of keys and key cards. Key cabinets and key boxes are a good way to stay on top of where these keys are located, have them at hand for all situations and keep them sufficiently organised. Easy to install in workshops, offices, industrial stations and more, key cabinets are robust, secure and well protected against tampering.

All DENIOS key cabinets are made of quality steel or aluminium and de-signed to be deployed in the place of operation without the need for complex mounting.


Key systems are quite literally the key to safe operations and a secure work-place. Generally speaking, locked doors serve as the first line of defence against unauthorised access and theft. However, smooth production cycles and uninterrupted operations rely on employees being able to unlock these doors when they need to gain access to the premises. The first step towards a well-organised workplace is a good key system. As many businesses have more than one key (sometimes they will have hundreds), a key cabinet or key box is a simple storage and organisational solution that can be installed in an office or workshop with ease.

Benefits of Key Boxes and Key Cabinets

The main advantage of having a key box onsite is increased security. Keys can be kept in one place and remain out of the reach of visitors to the site. Generally, these boxes will come under the supervision of a manager who monitors their use. This way, keys can be signed in and out as needed so that someone knows where they are at all times. In situations where access to particular filing cabinets or lockers needs to be limited, these key cabinets are the ideal way to ensure the right security levels. With this system in place, companies lower the risk of keys being misplaced or lost.

Another benefit of key cabinets is the organisation and convenience that they provide. By keeping keys onsite instead of letting staff members hold on to them, all workers will have access to the keys when they need them most. On top of that, there will be no confusion about where keys have been left, and no time wasted searching for missing keys.

Among the many industries that may find it useful to have a key cabinet onsite are estate agencies, hotels and fleet operators. No matter the size or specific needs of your operation, we have a product to simplify procedures for your staff.


Depending on the model, DENIOS key cabinets can hold up to 300 keys on individual hooks. A number or designation should be inscribed on each key, and a key directory containing all of these designations should be created. Ideally, this directory is stored along with the keys in the key cabinet or close by. When a key is issued to an employee, it should be signed out on a list and then signed in again when it is returned to the key box. By creating a directory and keeping this sign-in/sign-out list updated, the person re-sponsible for the keys has a complete overview at all times, enabling them to see immediately if a key is missing. This guarantees that the right key is al-ways on the premises – essential for smooth day-to-day operations or in an emergency.


If a key goes missing from a workplace, the consequences can often be very expensive. As well as having to replace the lost key, the entire lock should, in principle, be replaced, because the security of the installation or premises may be compromised – and this can quickly result in a bill of hundreds or even thousands of euros. The question is, who is liable if an employee loses a key taken from the workplace? The answer: it is not always the employee. Liability for any resulting damage depends on the degree of culpability. If the employee has been deemed to act diligently and can only be accused of slight negligence, they do not have to pay compensation. In other words, the employer has to cover the cost of replacing the key and lock.

If the level of negligence is higher – meaning the loss was, to a certain ex-tent, foreseeable – then the employee is deemed to have violated their duty of care. In this case, the employee generally has to pay around one-third to one half of the costs incurred. When dealing with an instance of gross neg-ligence or wilful conduct, the employee is responsible for covering the full cost of replacing the key and lock. This is the case if it is self-evident that the employee’s conduct would have very likely led to the loss of the key. Both the employer and the employee should make sure their personal or commercial liability insurance covers the loss of keys. Employers are also obliged to make their employees aware of the risk of liability.

Range of key cabinets

At DENIOS Ireland, we offer a wide range of key cabinets, from smaller models that hold only 12 keys, to larger boxes that can accommodate up to 300. An average-sized cabinet will hold between 60 and 100 keys. Some of our cabinets even come with tags to allow for the easy labelling and organisation of keys.

Our aluminium key cabinets with 72 hooks feature a classic design that can be fitted to the wall quickly and efficiently using the supplied mounting kit. This model features a cylinder lock and comes with two keys. Another option is a cabinet in light grey made from thin sheet metal that holds up to 250 keys. The hook strips here are adjustable and can be numbered for easy identification of each key. Again, this model can be attached to the wall and has a simple lock mechanism.


Keep keys in a secure location and ensure the right one is always at hand with DENIOS key cabinets and key boxes. Browse the full range of alumini-um and steel systems, find the perfect solution for the site at hand, install with ease, and make losing keys a thing of the past.

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