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Tipping Skips

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Benefit from our fully developed product range of tipping skips and stacking container pallets, which will facilitate all industrial applications. Choose between steel or polyethylene models. Transport heavy loads. Our stacking container pallets have integrated forklift pockets for easy pallet truck access.

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Tipping skips: heavy load transportation made easy

In the manufacturing, agriculture, retail and health industries, tipping skips are utilised to collect, transport and dispose of various materials that are no longer needed on site. Commonly referred to as mini skips or roll forward skips, tipping skips offer an efficient waste removal solution at facilities where rubbish collection points are far removed from the main building. These versatile skips adjust to the task at hand and can also function as storage for production components, consumables, and recycling.

Many businesses opt to buy several tipping skips to segregate waste and transport goods in bulk. At DENIOS, we offer tipping skips in assorted colours and load capacities to facilitate this choice and meet every customer’s needs. Many of our tipping skips are heavy-duty and designed for use with a forklift, while others feature protective lids or castors for ease of movement during manual transport. No matter how large or small your operation is, we have a product for you.

Choosing between steel or polyethylene models

When managing small production parts and separating recycling, our Blue Polyethylene Skip 750 L With Castors is a fitting choice. Polyethylene boasts countless benefits as a construction material. Weather resistant, corrosion-proof and leak-proof, these plastic skips are convenient and appropriate for many different work environments. They are also simple to clean and feature castors for easy hand-steering.

Steel tipping skips are typically employed for large, bulky loads and are often galvanised for additional reinforcement. These heavy-duty materials ensure the safest possible storage when you need it most. They can be filled with any type of goods and have proven especially popular in the pharmaceutical and food industries. Their galvanised finish makes them ideal in any environment where corrosive waste is being stored or collected.

Forklift tipping skips

Single-user operated forklift tipping skips are often employed in the food industry to transport consumables. They are also helpful in any workplace where recyclable materials are produced and stored for an interim period. Our Bulk Goods Container is made from polypropylene, which makes it ideal for various industrial applications. The optional galvanised steel frame enables tipping and turning with a forklift crossbar.

These watertight containers can be placed in various areas around the factory floor, which saves employees from travelling to and from a single skip in a fixed location to access materials. This cuts down on the risk of back injuries associated with repeated lifting and promotes efficiency in the workplace by eliminating unnecessary walking.

Bottom emptying skips

As the name implies, our Snap Action Bottom Opening Container is designed so the bottom section can open up completely, emptying the entire load in one swift motion. Once its contents have been deposited, the flap can be manually closed. But if it comes into contact with the floor or the collection trough, it will close automatically on its own, saving your team time and energy.

But those aren’t the only convenient features. This model has been fitted with forklift channel pockets to facilitate the speedy transport of the container and its contents from point A to point B with a forklift or a pallet truck. It is recommended for gathering and moving chippings in the workplace. Its collecting basin allows any residue to pool for easy emptying, making it completely user-friendly.

Our service

Organisations that are seeking a simple way to separate their goods or their recycling can get in touch with one of our expert team members for support in finding the right tipping bins. Please feel free to take a look through our terms and conditions to read more about complimentary services like our 30-day return policy, free delivery and up to four-year warranty. After more than 30 years in the health and safety trade, we feel confident in providing you with the safety and efficiency you deserve. So let us guide you toward the perfect tipping skip for your specific needs – contact us today.

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