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Big Bags and Accessories

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Sturdy and sizeable, these bags are ideal for holding large quantities of sand, turf, aggregate, wood and other materials. Their design makes them easy to lift and move for anyone with the right equipment in place. Industrial bags are known by a number of names, including bulk bags, dumpy bags, FIBCs or jumbo bags.

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Big Bags - flexible storage, transport and disposal containers

Benefits of industrial bags

The flexible storage and transportation of these industrial bags leads to a variety of benefits in your workplace. Designed for storing goods both indoors and outdoors, they will adjust to your specific needs. They can easily hold up to 1,500kg in weight, ensuring you can store large quantities. And for added accessibility, each one has four loops, known as lifting loops, so that they can be picked up and transported by a crane.

Another advantage of this type of storage solution is enforced even when it is not in use. These bags can be folded down and stored in a relatively small space, unlike plastic and metal containers. When they are needed again, simply unfold, put in place and fill up.

Specialist materials

For specialist materials, we offer marked options such as the asbestos bags. We recognise the importance of making people aware of dangerous contents. That is why these bags are designed to help workers keep potentially hazardous materials – such as asbestos rubble – separate from others. These feature an upper flap and have a weight limit of 1,000kg.

Several of our industrial bags are made from uncoated polypropylene fabric. The standard style for this product is an open top and a closed floor – ideal for the most common storage requirements of materials such as sand or aggregate. Similar bags feature a flap top, which enables the user to keep the contents dry and concealed, although these have a weight limit of around 1,000kg.

What accessories do I need for a Big Bag?

A range of accessories is also available for the large industrial bags. Dispensing stands and frames are often used to help keep the bags steady and stable while they are in use, while the Big Bag Hoist Bracket is a useful way to lift the bags with the help of a crane. The hoists are created from steel profile pipe and are very easy to use. The hoist hooks on to all four of the corner hooks on the bag and keeps it steady. Using this type of equipment makes the process of moving and emptying the bags much safer.

For more information regarding our large industrial bags and accessories, reach out to a member of the DENIOS team today. Our experts are always happy to answer any questions you may have.

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