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Winter Safety

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Grit bins and trolleys assist in clearing pathways, car parks and entry points of ice, safely and flexibly.

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Grit Bins and Trolleys from DENIOS

Be ready for the winter freezes and frosts with our grit bins and trolleys. DENIOS UK salt bins can hold a range of volumes and are all sturdy enough to withstand the worst of a British winter. They present a fast and simple way of clearing your pathways, car parks and entry points of ice, regardless of how much space you have to cover. With a grit box, you’ll always be prepared to act, even if a cold spell catches everyone by surprise.

Available in a muted grey shade to blend with any surroundings, our grit bins have three different lid options to add a dash of colour. Whichever shape and style you’d prefer, each salt bin that we sell is made from robust polyethylene, an environmentally-friendly material that is also completely weatherproof.

Grit Bins

Grit bins are designed to sit in one place, providing waterproof storage for grit or salt when it’s not needed. They are easy to access, and the sizeable lid makes it easy to spread generous amounts of grit at a time. One of our Corrosion-Resistant Shovels would be just right for that task. DENIOS UK grit boxes come in capacities to suit your needs, including 50 litres, 200 litres, 550 litres and 1,000 litres. The lid can be removed without the need for tools and is light in weight. Our grit boxes are also lockable.

Our stackable grit containers can store salt or sand securely and are completely maintenance free. Of a compact design, they are an excellent choice for businesses with reduced areas to grit, and the angled lid means that any ice or snow coverage will be minimal. When you are dealing with smaller spaces, these inter-stackable salt bins are an excellent choice because they can be collected and put away during warmer periods when there is no need to store grit.

Grit Trolley or Salt Spreader

Our range of hand-pushed salt spreaders and grit trolleys are an efficient way of applying salt or sand to outdoor areas such as footpaths, or where there is a risk of someone slipping over on any icy surface. Our Grit Spreaders provide a very even level of coverage to cut back on waste and allow you to maintain a safer working environment for both staff and customers. When you have a large space to deal with, our 85-litre grit spreader will be a valuable tool, but we also have lower-capacity models for smaller areas.

Grit Caddies and Supply Trolleys

The DENIOS 50-litre Grit Caddie is a container with two casters, featuring a hinged lid for ease of access. The smooth-running wheels enable a user to quickly move sand or grit to where it is required, reducing the need to make numerous trips to and from a larger grit bin.

We know that spill control is a significant concern for companies dealing with any kind of liquid, and the issue forms part of COSHH regulations. Whether they are hazardous or not, businesses that use oils, solvents and other fluids need a plan of action for when spills happen. DENIOS UK has created a supply trolley for this exact problem. It has two 55-litre chambers for your chosen absorbent material and space for storing a shovel or broom on board. Keeping one or more of these placed at strategic locations across your site will mean that your staff can clear up quickly and then carry on with their day.

Where to place one

When you purchase a new grit bin for your facility, it’s important to think about the best place to position it. Whether you’ll be leaving it inside or outside, here are a few factors to consider. Grit Bins need to be regularly restocked during periods of severe winter weather, so it’s important that the positioning of the bin does not create a potential security issue and that your team will have easy access to it. Many businesses situate a bin close to areas of regular pedestrian or vehicular movement, beside entrances, or on slopes. Once you’ve settled on a spot, review it regularly to make sure that nothing in the surrounding environment has changed.

Our service

Have a look through our products today to find out how we can fulfil any grit bin or trolley requirements that you may have. Subject to terms and conditions, we’ll deliver for free and provide a 30-day returns policy. If you have any questions about using or storing a grit bin, please contact us for support.

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