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Manual Drum Pumps

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Hand pumps from DENIOS are the classic solution for filling and dispensing from drums into smaller containers. Models are available for diesel and antifreeze, for solvents and flammable media as well as for acids and alkalis. A distinction is made between hand pumps and foot pumps. Drum pumps, container pumps and tank pumps are also available. The different immersion depths of the hand pumps meet individual requirements.

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Stainless Steel Pump
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OTAL hand pump in various materials
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Manual Pump
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Finding the right hand pump for different viscosities

What are hand pumps used for?

It is often necessary to dispense hazardous substances precisely using a hand pump - for example from a large container into a smaller container. Especially with large containers, it is rarely possible to tip or tilt it for dispensing without risking spillage or having to apply a lot of force.

Choose the correct hand pump for the required viscosity

Liquids are highly variable in their viscosity or their chemical properties. There is no single pump that can handle all media satisfactorily. Hand pumps from DENIOS ensure safe pumping, even in Ex zones. Pumps should be perfectly matched to the medium to be pumped in order to ensure a long service life and reliable performance.

DENIOS offers a full range of hand pumps so users can find the correct one for their needs. Customers can also source all commonly found container options with DENIOS. A wide range of adapters ensures a perfect fit for the bung hole size. Hand pumps in polypropylene are resistant to weak acids, alkalis and cleaning agents.

Which hand pumps are suitable for Ex areas?

With stainless steel hand pumps, users can safely convey, dispense or pump flammable liquids or chemicals. Earthing cables with ATEX approval avoid explosion hazards due to electrostatic charging and are available as separate accessories.

  • Quickly applicable
  • Cost-efficient
  • Flexible use
  • Also available as foot pump


Hand pumps are designed to allow full control over the dispensing of liquids from drums and the effortless filling of small containers. Instead of running the risk of spilling potentially hazardous media, these manual pumps are easy to use and allow containers to be transferred within minutes. At the same time, they are approved for use under certain conditions and with certain media, so there is no risk of breaching regulations if used correctly. The manual pumps manufactured by DENIOS, which include hand pumps, foot pumps, drum pumps, container pumps and tank pumps, are made of highly resistant materials so that they can be used repeatedly and in harsh conditions. On some models, the immersion tube is galvanised so that the component can be submerged without risk of damage. They are designed to be easy to operate by hand or foot and ensure the rapid transfer of media with minimal risk of spillage. DENIOS has variants of chemical pumps for transferring corrosive liquids and oil pump models for handling potentially flammable liquids, making them ideal for industrial use. All pumps can deliver a steady to high flow of liquid so that containers can be completely emptied within minutes, as required.

Hand pumps for drums and IBCs: THE BOTTOM LINE

Every industrial site should be equipped with a selection of suitable hand pumps. DENIOS has an extensive range of pumps in different materials - zinc alloy, polyethylene, stainless steel, PTFE, cast iron and more - and with different pumping volumes that make the manual transfer of alkalis, acids and aqueous solutions a simple, efficient task for personnel. View the full product range now and eliminate the risk of spillages in your workplace.

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