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Road Sleepers and Parking Bay Markers

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Road sleepers and parking bay markers are used in car parks and industrial settings to encourage driving at a slow and steady pace. This helps to improve work safety, as accident and injury rates decrease when people drive at slower speeds.

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Road Sleepers and Parking Bay Markers

The speed ramp sections are designed for different speeds, so you can install a set that brings the driver down to 10km/h or 20km/h depending on your requirements. The ramps also have different heights, so if a driver takes one at the wrong speed, he or she will feel the impact and will know to slow down for the next one.

At DENIOS IE, our inventory of work safety equipment covers the diverse needs of many industrial and business sectors. If your operation has to consider traffic safety on a day-to-day basis, we will have the right product for you.

Traffic safety on company premises

Consider sections that are 75mm high. These are not easy to drive over, so drivers will know that it is necessary to slow down immediately upon seeing one. These speed ramps are designed for areas where the maximum speed should be around 10km/h. These ramps ensure greater safety levels and are safe to use in areas where there are cars, forklift trucks and lorries. They are manufactured from a mix of plastic and rubber, and they are designed with rounded ends to make them safer in areas where there are pedestrians and cyclists. The mounting bolts are not included but are available as extras.

The end sections of the speed ramps are also available in different heights, including 50mm options. This height will allow safe driving at 20km/h. These end sections have the same qualities as the middle sections and are designed to protect those on two wheels or on foot but will slow down drivers of motorised vehicles. Select as many middle and end sections as you need to stretch across the part of the road or car park where you want to control the traffic speeds. You can choose to cover just one lane, two lanes or even larger sections of industrial yards to keep traffic moving at a more reasonable pace.

The bright yellow colour of the alternate sections means all drivers can easily see them, and the yellow and black alternate colours also give a strong warning to those who are driving towards them.

Ordering your road ramps

The speed ramps are easy to order – when you are ready to complete your purchase, simply contact the team at DENIOS IE, who will provide you with all the information you need on both the product and the ordering process. We offer a 30-day returns policy, so if for any reason you need to send the sections back, you are covered by robust quality assurance. If you need expert advice on how to install or use the speed ramp sections to their maximum potential, our team is on hand to answer those questions as well.

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