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Fire-Rated Gas Cylinder Storage

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Safety and responsibility are the highest priority when it comes to fire resistant gas cylinder storage. Gas cylinders are best stored outdoors when possible, if this is not possible then fire resistant gas cylinder cabinets can be used.

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Fire protection gas cylinder storage from DENIOS

Gas cylinder storage - safe all around

Every business is different. Some may need to store many gas cylinders, while some may need only a few; some may want to store them outdoors, others inside. You may need one for storing ten-litre gas cylinders or 50 litre types. There may even be requirements as to which way you want the door to open. Fortunately, DENIOS has an extensive range to suit all uses.

With the inherent risks that come with gas, safety around the cylinders and the fire-resistant gas cylinder cabinets is paramount. All Gas Cylinder Storage products supplied by DENIOS comply with the British Safety Gas Council recommendations and meet the laws surrounding security and ventilation. Additionally, the fire rated gas bottle cabinets have been DIN tested to ensure that they are approved as G90 and G30 according to DIN EN 14470-2 to be fire-resistant for the required length of time.

Once installed on your premises, there are a number of steps that you can take to increase gas safety. The fire-resistant gas cylinder cabinets are lockable to ensure that only authorised personnel are able to access them. If the door is left open, it will significantly reduce the fire-resistant properties, so make sure that they are kept locked after removing or replacing the cylinders.

A good fire safety strategy is also essential. Prevention is always the best course, but ensure that you have a good fire safety drill so that if a fire should break out it can be speedily brought under control within the time constraints of your fire rated gas cylinder storage.

What regulations must be observed when storing gas cylinders?

Gas cylinders belong to the group of transportable pressurised gas containers and are used in numerous industries. The gases themselves and thus the safety regulations are as varied as the possible applications. Therefore, the first step is to carry out a risk assessment and take protective measures on the basis of this. This is required by law.

In general, gas cylinders should be protected from the following sources of danger during storage:

  • Exposure to intense heat from the sun, operational sources, etc.
  • Fire and potential sources of ignition
  • Corrosion of the containers
  • Accidental damage by man or machine
  • Unauthorised access by untrained personnel and theft.

Compressed gas cylinders should be stored upright and secured against falling over and rolling away. A gas cylinder store is used exclusively for storing cylinders. Filling and decanting within the storage facility is not permitted.

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