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Open Fronted Storage Bins and Shelving Bins

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In storage facilities, a well-structured and clear arrangement of small parts is the most important thing. To ensure that you always have an overview at your workplace, open fronted storage and shelving bins give you convenient access to a wide range of work equipment.

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Shelving bins: clear, neat and professional at all times

It takes more than just good conduct and strict regulations to ensure a work site remains neat, tidy and efficient from the start of shift through to the end. The right equipment is also essential, and a strong on-site inventory of shelving bins can be the difference between order and chaos. Shelving storage boxes make it easy for workers to source small parts, return unused components to storage, share communal tools, and gain access to other materials essential for getting the job done. Just a few small boxes can boost overall efficiency and reduce unnecessary wastage at work.

DENIOS shelving bins: purpose

Take a look at any quietly efficient workshop, and there will be shelving units neatly occupied by open-front stackable storage bins. After all, being unable to find a certain tool, nut, bolt, washer or other component integral to the smooth functioning of a ma-chine or facility can be infuriating for any skilled worker. This is why shelving bins are so important: they provide a safe, secure storage space for small parts and tools. This gives professionals an optimal overview of available parts – especially important when working on time-critical applications or during a stock take – and facilitates quick ac-cess and removal.

DENIOS has an extensive selection of shelf bins and shelving storage boxes for use in workshops, automotive plants, laboratories, woodworking and metalworking facilities, and other sites where the storage of small components and tools is part of day-to-day operations. There are plenty of models to choose from, including stackable, tray-style, closed-fronted and open-fronted variants, as well as a wide range of dimensions, stor-age volumes, colours and structures (textured base, all-round edging, moulded han-dles, etc.).

Shelving bins: special features

Although it may seem the case at first glance, no two models of shelving bin stocked by DENIOS are the same. Here are some properties to look out for when browsing the inventory of shelf bins and shelving storage boxes:

Carrying ability

If shelving bins need to be regularly transported from one location to another, it is worth investing in a model that features a front handle with an ergonomic grip. Alt-hough the components being stored in the bin may be small, it can quickly become heavy (especially if the parts are metal), so it is important to give as much support to the wrists and hands as possible.


Small components are easier to remove from a shelving bin with a textured base, as the uneven structure prevents them from sticking to the polypropylene surface.

Temperature resistance

Sometimes, shelf bins need to be stacked in cold or warm places, making it important to opt for a model that can handle these temperatures. With DENIOS, you can find bins suited for temperatures ranging from -10°C to +60 °C.

Shelving bins and shelving storage boxes: the bottom line

Boost efficiency, reduce material losses and make every worker’s life a little easier on the job site with DENIOS classic-line and pro-line shelving bins. Available in open-front stackable storage bin and closed-style models, these storage solutions come in various colours, capacities and designs to make the identification, retrieval and return of small parts and tools as simple as possible – so there is no excuse not to use them. Browse the full range today and elevate workplace efficiency to new heights.

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