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Dip and Wash Tanks

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Dip and wash tanks are used for the safe cleaning of small parts. Dip and wash tanks are ideal for use on work benches for cleaning or soaking small parts. They are equipped with built-in fuses, which automatically close the container in case of fire.

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Dip and Wash Tanks from DENIOS

When your business involves servicing vehicles, processing parts or cleaning metals, dip and wash tanks are an important part of the job. Dip tanks contain liquids other than water that are used to either coat or immerse components. As these chemicals can be highly dangerous, they pose a serious work safety risk if handled incorrectly. By choosing a purpose-built tank, you can prevent the kind of accidents that occur when staff are using corrosive materials by containing the liquid in a secure area.

Dip and wash tanks come in a range of sizes and will clean, rinse or coat parts effectively. When a larger tank is not necessary, our soaking tubs and cleaning bins provide a convenient alternative. They are portable enough to be moved between workbenches and come fitted with a fire-safe fuse.

Larger dip tanks

For environmental protection and to prevent back injuries affecting your team’s performance, we have our Dip Tank 60 Litres. This self-contained unit can be positioned away from busy areas and allows an operator to work at a comfortable height. As your needs change, this large dip tank can be adapted to house smaller open containers. A foot pedal is used for manual opening, and a gas spring closure ensures that the lid won’t slam shut. Use in combination with a Sieve Insert For Dip Tank 60 Litres to separate materials quickly.

Space-saving immersion containers

A mobile solution that is constructed in a rectangular design, our FALCON Immersion Container For Small Parts Cleaning, 8 Litre Volume will save on space in a cabinet or worktop, and is perfect for rinsing or cleaning small components. The parts basket is constructed from stainless steel, and to facilitate cleaning, it can be removed when necessary. To prevent a fire from spreading, the container has a lid that closes automatically. We have included two handles on either side of the unit – these assist an operator in positioning or carrying it from place to place.

Smaller parts washers

For a stainless-steel dip tank that is highly durable and resistant to corrosive cleaning materials, our Steel Parts Cleaner Unit 6 Litre in Yellow is an excellent choice. Use it to fully immerse smaller objects for cleaning in a way that complies with the relevant ISO and European standards. A sturdy lid ensures that the risk of spillages is minimised, while the strainer doubles up as a flame arrester if a fluid is accidentally ignited.

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