Industrial Shelving Systems


Many companies are facing inconvenient space constraints, which may already be impacting on their bottom line. We know how important it is to provide improved storage solutions that meet work safety demands. That’s why our shelving systems are designed to suit a range of environments and differing needs. Whether it’s to free up floor space, create a more accessible system, or to add extra storage, DENIOS has shelving to meet every requirement.

What range of shelving equipment does DENIOS supply?

Our expandable pallet racking is a great choice for facilities where a more flexible type of storage will work best. These units are produced to meet all of the relevant safety recommendations and are constructed of high-quality materials. Along with each order, we supply full instructions for assembly. The frames are fully galvanised, making them highly durable. They are capable of supporting heavy loads and also withstanding the odd knock from a forklift. The adjustable shelves have a powder coating, so surface cleaning is a simple task.

How do shelving systems benefit industrial plants?

At DENIOS, we understand that reorganising a stockroom, laboratory or garage is no small task. Pallet racking systems such as our Pallet Rack PO 27 37 can help you to avoid that because they were developed to last. Investing in our extensive range of warehouse shelving means that you’ll have a solution that is robust enough to withstand sustained daily use. Moreover, when the time comes, it is ready to grow with your business, as each shelf can be extended individually with extra components.

The large open design of our racking systems means that product visibility is increased and picking times can be reduced. The unrestricted view makes it simple for your teams to spot the exact items that they need, and repack in a way that leaves frequently accessed pallets available.

It is often the case that businesses have to keep a supply of delicate items in their inventory. If these are not stored correctly on open shelving, they are more likely to break. Our industrial racking can help your team to keep fragile products safe and prevent unnecessary breakages from increasing your overheads.

What can they store?

Warehouse staff can choose to add wooden or chemical pallets to our industrial shelving. On top of these, you can store any items that need to be reached quickly. Our racking systems can be combined with Inset Supports for added utility, and are built to be accessible from both ends. This allows a forklift driver to quickly locate and pick what is needed.

Industrial racking makes for a more convenient system. It allows you to store more components, completed units and chemicals, whilst always factoring in environmental protection. From busy workshops to engineering organisations, metalworks and pharmaceutical firms, whatever your product or service, we can recommend a pallet rack style for your building.