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First Aid

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DENIOS offers you a wide range of first aid products, from which you can choose the products you need. Complement existing equipment or create yourself with dressing cabinets, first aid cases and first aid systems for special areas such as industry, food industry and according to special standards such as the Ö-Norm Z 1020.

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First aid equipment from DENIOS

Duties of employers

The employer has a duty of care for the employees in his company. In the specific case of first aid, the Occupational Health and Safety Act regulates in § 10 that the following precautions must be taken according to the number of employees and according to the activities involved:

  • first aid, fire-fighting and evacuation measures
  • the presence of other persons (e.g. visitors) must be taken into account
  • Establishment of all necessary connections to off-site emergency services
  • designation of first aiders and competent persons for fire fighting and evacuation
  • Procurement of equipment in proportion to the number of employees.

The last point in particular is of considerable importance, as there are large numbers of products that can or must be called in to perform life-saving measures.

Obligations of the employees

There are also obligations on the part of employees when it comes to first aid in the workplace. As in private life, you are liable to prosecution if you do not provide first aid to injured persons. Only a risk to one's own health exempts one from this obligation. According to the Occupational Health and Safety Act, however, employees must also ensure safety and health protection within the scope of their possibilities (§ 15 and § 16). This starts with using "machines, equipment, tools, working materials, means of transport and other work equipment as well as protective devices and the personal protective equipment made available to them" in accordance with their purpose and minimising hazards for themselves and others.

Necessary equipment

Starting with the plaster box, there are a number of products that make everyday life in operations and production much safer. First aid kits contain all the necessary aids that must be present in the company first aid kit according to DIN 13157. Foldable ambulances are quickly ready to transport injured persons. In addition, there are products for rapid emergency aid for eye injuries, such as eye wash bottles or body showers.

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