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Stationary Tank Systems

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Wherever there is no petrol station nearby, stationary tank systems are regularly used for the storage of vehicle and machine fuels such as diesel, petrol or heating oil. A broad range of volumes from 210 to 10,000 litres is provided by DENIOS Ireland. Equipment such as pumps, hoses, nozzles and meters are also available. Refuelling platforms round off our range.

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Stationary tank systems from DENIOS Ireland

Which are the benefits of a stationary tank system?

If you want to install your own tank system, you have the choice between stationary and mobile systems. Stationary tank systems are not as mobile, but can hold a volume of between 400 and 10,000 litres. If the fuel is purchased at a convenient time, the purchase usually pays for itself after a short time. A stationary fuel tank belongs to the so-called "low-consumption self-service filling stations". These are petrol stations with a low storage volume and annual throughput, which are intended exclusively for the refuelling of company-owned motor vehicles and are not publicly accessible.

The precise regulations on the permitted storage volume depend on the respective country. Like the mobile tank systems, the stationary fuel tanks from DENIOS Ireland also meet the conditions for the international storage of hazardous goods in accordance with the European Convention (ADR). Stationary fuel storage tanks for diesel, heating oil or petrol guarantee environmental protection thanks to the double-walled design with leak detection system and are equipped with aeration and venting lines.

  • For petrol, diesel and heating oil
  • Double-walled construction
  • With leakage indication system
  • With ventilation system
  • Environmentally safe

If you need to fill smaller volumes, you will find our selection of canisters here.

What do I have to be aware of when installing a stationary fuel tank?

When setting up a stationary fuel storage tank, the size of the filling area has also to be taken into account. Within this area it must be possible to reliably detect and retain spilled fuel. The radius around the tank is the length of the hose including the nozzle plus one metre. The filling area must be liquid-tight and withstand all stresses from motor vehicles and machinery plus the weather. Spilled fuel must be immediately absorbed and disposed of, for example with oil-binding materials. It is also important that rainwater contaminated with fuel must not be allowed to seep into the ground or nearby bodies of water from the filling point. This has to be disposed of separately. Covering the filling area can prevent this from the outset. In addition, a tank installation must be protected from damage by impact protection systems.

Expertise on stationary tank systems

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