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Drum Opener Tool

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Drum openers are mechanical tools that allow industrial workers to safely open sealed containers, specifically industrial drums or barrels. They’re valuable for two reasons: ergonomic efficiency and environmental protection. Our line of drums openers includes products with broad compatibility, ergonomic optimization, and toxic or volatile substance safety measures.

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Types of Drum Openers

DENIOS offers a selection of drum openers to support the needs of industrial production and manufacturing businesses, including chemical and pharmaceutical production, automotive and food manufacturing, and the oil and gas industry.

The right drum opener for your needs will depend on the type of barrels you use, how they are sealed, and what the conditions will be when you unseal them. You may also want to take employee preferences or familiarity with equipment into account when placing an order.

Some tools are compatible with a wider variety of drums and use cases, like the Multipurpose Bronze Drum Key for Bung Holes and Opening Lids, which is used to grip and pry container lids and bungs from a safe remove. The bronze material avoids the risk of sparking against steel barrels and is a good choice for use around flammable or volatile material storage.

The Wheel Drum Key, Steel, Painted, to Open all Standard Drum Covers showcases an alternative style of container bung removal with a similarly high degree of compatibility across drum products. The cross or “T”-style arrangement allows for four separate heads and the option to pull or rotate bungs open.

It’s also possible to get a 205-litre drum opener that offers more mechanical support to reduce employee strain. The Manual Drum Opener, for Steel Drums, with Optimum Leverage features mechanical leverage with adjustable tension and a brass alloy blade for reduced risk of sparking.

Plastic is also a good choice when dealing with corrosive or volatile substances. The Opener for Screw Lid DIN70, Ring Wrench of Plastic DN70 slips around canister screw caps for improved grip and includes a long tab for extra leverage. These ring spanners are not universally compatible and should be ordered based on the specific screw cap design you use in your warehouses. Metal ring wrench-style IBC lid openers are also available.

For barrels and drums that are secured with clamping rings, the Clamping Ring Opening Tool, with Synthetic Lever Handle offers a safe, ergonomic way to secure or pry open seals.

Environmental protection

Containers need to be tightly and securely sealed to protect against leaks, but if a barrel is pressurized, the release of that pressure also needs to be managed and any toxic, flammable, or corrosive materials contained. The risk of explosion, leakage, or other disaster can be pronounced if employees aren’t equipped with the proper tools and training.

The potential consequences extend beyond employee health and work safety. Accidents due to improper breaching of industrial drums can cause widespread damage, depending on the contents and the nature of the accident. Use the right type of wrench, key, or drum opening device for your container and its contents to avoid injury or accident.

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