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Dispensing Containers and Measuring Jugs

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For transferring, filling and dispensing liquids effectively, DENIOS has a wide range of transfer containers, dispensing containers and measuring containers including oil cans, decanting containers and measuring jugs.

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Dispensing containers made from Polyethylene (PE)
3 variants available
from €38.00 Excl. VAT
Measuring jugs, polypropylene, with imprinted measuring scale
6 variants available
from €54.00 Excl. VAT
PE Jug, 5l Capacity
€36.00 Excl. VAT
Industrial oil can, die cast zinc, length of oiling tube 135mm
3 variants available
from €28.50 Excl. VAT
Measuring cylinder in PP, high design, class, food-safe
8 variants available
from €58.50 Excl. VAT
Universal measuring jug in PP, with spout
5 variants available
from €39.50 Excl. VAT
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Dispensing Containers and Measuring Jugs from DENIOS

We stock a broad selection of dispensing containers suitable for use with a variety of chemicals. Our dispensing containers range in size from one litre to ten litres and are manufactured from polyethene or galvanised steel depending on their intended use.

DENIOS offers a wide section of measuring jugs for safely transporting and filling liquids. We offer a choice of polypropylene measuring containers with an imprinted scale ranging in capacity from 0.25 litres to five litres. For your convenience the 0.25-litre, 0.5 litre and one-litre measuring jugs come in packs of ten, while the three-litre and five-litre jugs are available in packs of five.

We also offer polypropylene measuring jugs with a lid to prevent dust from entering the jugs. These jugs are available with a capacity of one and two litres. Both versions come with a screw-off spout, a handle and an imprinted measuring scale.

For harsh industrial and workshop use, we supply a wide selection of tin-plate measuring jugs, with capacities ranging from 0.5 litres to two litres. All capacities feature a stiff, funnel-shaped outlet pipe and a handle, while the one- and two-litre measuring jugs also come in a version that features a flexible spout.

Oil cans and oilers

DENIOS offers a choice of oil cans for safely and easily transporting oils. Depending on your operational requirements, the size of the oil can that you need will vary. Fortunately, we stock a range of oil cans in sizes from three litres to 15 litres, which are manufactured from tin plate or steel plate. All versions feature an ergonomic design, with a spout and two convenient handles.

We also offer a broad selection of oilers with capacities ranging from 200ml to 500ml to meet the needs of your applications. Our oilers have a die-cast zinc body with an aluminium oiling tube. They feature an ergonomic design with a pump-action handle and a suction tube with a ball bearing to ensure nearly complete emptying.

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