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Hand Trucks

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Whether you are moving items within a building or transporting them to another facility via road or rail, it is important to use the correct equipment for each load to get it to the correct transport, whilst taking into account whether it is hazardous or not.

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Hand Trucks from DENIOS

Hand trucks can also be known as sack trucks, transport carts, transport trolleys, or a box carts, amongst other things. Hand trucks are upright material handling equipment with large wheels, allowing you to place them under a load, such as a large drum or stack of boxes, tilt it back and roll the items towards its destination. Some have extras such as attachments to help make climbing stairs easy, kick-outs to make the cart four-wheeled when moving, and the ability to be laid down so that the truck becomes a cart. The DENIOS range includes stainless steel or aluminium models with a loading capacity of up to 350kg.

Benefits of hand trucks

Providing employees with transport items to make working life easier and less stressful means a more effective and productive workforce. Hand trucks are of benefit to any company that needs to move items from A to B, even if they are small and can be carried by hand – you can save time by stacking them all together and moving them at the same time.

Hand trucks were developed in the 1700s in order to make the uploading of items from ships easier for the boys who had to do the work. An L-shaped platform was developed with two wheels at the bottom, and this is the general template for these transport carts, which is so effective that it has stood the test of time. Examples of Hand Trucks stocked by DENIOS include a Truck Sack TKB 35 L with an extra-large base and retaining bracket with pneumatic tyres, a Stair Climbing Sack Truck SKB2 with two sets of three solid rubber tyres that can take a load of 200kg, and a Sack Truck for Boxes K3 in steel with safety handles and wheel protection, all of which come with a two-year warranty.

Transport solutions

As well as transport trolleys, DENIOS provides a variety of lifting equipment, including scissor lifting tables, pallet trucks, cranes and accessories for forklift trucks. These all enable the simplification of logistical requirements and work processes.

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