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Transport dollies and pallet trolleys

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DENIOS transport trolleys have been specially developed to deal with the transport of hazardous substances and bulky loads. The different models in our collection are intended for use in the automotive, pharmaceutical and engineering trades. They are often employed in warehouses, stockrooms and workshops.

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What transport trucks are in the DENIOS range?

In many workplaces, there is a lot of movement back and forth throughout the day. When you consider the added complications of forklifts and human traffic, the risk of accidents is high. It is important to employ the best possible health and safety procedures when transporting aggressive chemicals, oils and other products on-site. DENIOS offers a wide selection of models to meet every type of industrial requirement. Take a look through our transport trolleys and dollies section to source what your site needs.

Transport dolly

Effortless to load and capable of transporting a range of containers and materials, our trolley dollies come in three colours: red, blue and grey. The load surface is made using layers of multiplex plywood and it is fully non-slip to minimise the risk of accidents. Rubber wheels ensure it glides over any flat surface effortlessly without causing any damage, even to carpeted floors. These dollies may look simple, but they are an effective tool in workshops and warehouses. Whether you’re working with bulkier devices or bundles of smaller items such as paint, spanner kits and boxes of components, the flat platform design allows staff to lift objects on and off in moments.

Mobile frames

To move mesh boxes, Euro pallets and Euro crates safely around your facility, you can purchase one of our mobile frames. They come complete with corner braces to aid the operator in accurate guidance and can help your team ensure that materials flow efficiently around the factory floor or warehouse. With brakes, two swivel castors and two larger castors, the VG-H mobile Frame will make managing heavy loads easier. A tow bar can be added as an accessory in order to increase the utility of the frame. We also have mobile frames which feature higher bars. These form an open storage space and allow items to be placed on top at a convenient height for the user.

Euro pallet trolley

A particularly low trolley developed to life and transport Euro pallets, the Euro Pallet Trolley KM is a powder-coated model that makes light work of loading a pallet truck.

Euro pallet chassis

Widely used in industry, our Euro pallet chassis is designed to accept a single wooden pallet for manoeuvring into an awkward spot. They are crafted from galvanised sheet steel and come with solid rubber swivel castors, two of which have a brake. This version has a 150kg load capacity, while other versions can manage heavier goods and come with a height adjustable platform.

Transport scooters

To transport smaller tools and equipment, our KM Scooter 1 is ideal. It has a handy load surface with a 10cm high rim in the front, an anti-slip footplate for user safety, and puncture-proof tyres. Alternatively, our KM Scooter 2 is a smaller option with a basket in the front and pneumatic tyres. If your site is large and your team have to cover significant distances over the course of a day, scooters can reduce unproductive time spent walking. These one-person vehicles also have health and safety benefits. Not only do they provide relief for tired staff, they also prevent the accidents which can occur when people use a transport method designed for goods to reach their destination.

Why buy from DENIOS UK?

All the transport trolleys and dollies available at DENIOS UK are supplied with up to four years’ warranty as well as a 30-day returns policy and free delivery. See our terms and conditions for more details. You can place an order with us in confidence, because after thirty years in the environmental protection trade, we’ve learned a lot about the kind of products a workplace needs. For technical help and advice on choosing the right trolley, please feel free to contact a member of our support team.

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