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Cooling chambers and hazardous materials stores with cooling/ air conditioning units

We place particular emphasis on energy efficiency in our cooling chambers and hazardous materials stores with cooling/air conditioning units. Uniform insulation properties over the entire outer shell and the use of building components with low temperature transitions achieve a reduction in energy consumption of up to 50 %. Temperature ranges from 0 °C to 35 °C are covered, with cooling or air conditioning equipment depending on requirements. Shelving systems or walk-in room systems are manufactured with a storage capacity of up to 16 IBCs or 24 x 205 litre drums.

Efficient cooling and air conditioning

Air conditioning in accordance with DIN EN 13779

The European standard EN 13779 classifies the air quality in rooms which are not residential but are designed for people to stay in. The quality of the air in the room, the air supply and extracted air as well as the external air are all classified. EN 13779 specifically highlights the responsibility of planners. In concrete terms, this means that everyone involved with the construction of an air conditioning system must work together at an early stage to avoid misunderstandings and unnecessary costs. Let the project managers at DENIOS take control from the start of your planning stage to ensure that your cooling and air conditioning system meets all the necessary requirements.

Standard design

Whether you're looking for air conditioning or cooling down to 0 °C, both our room systems fitted with shelving and our walk-in systems can be designed for this purpose. The basic frame for our cooling chambers and hazardous materials stores with cooling/air conditioning equipment is in solid welded steel profiles with an integral WHG approved spill pallet. With all-round built-in insulation in polyurethane hard foam with a U value of 0.24 W/m²K, we ensure that high quality insulation is achieved. Insulated doors are used for the access area which can be fitted with anti-icing heating if required.


Depending on the temperature range needed, air conditioning split equipment or cooling equipment can be used. With a comprehensive range of accessories available, these systems can be customised to suit your individual requirements. This means our standard solutions can be adapted to suit the requirements of many sectors: whether chemical, pharmaceutical, automotive or food.

When we're looking at cooling technology at DENIOS, we pay special attention to the specific requirements of the operator. Whether it's a storage system with shelving or a walk-in version, all our cooling and air conditioning systems are designed to meet individual requirements. All-round insulation is generally provided by PUR insulation with a minimum thickness of 100 mm. The air conditioning or cooling equipment and the control system are designed in accordance with the requirements and the overall system. With an integral spill pallet, hazardous substances in all water-polluting classes may be safely stored. In addition to an EnEV-compliant design, other equipment variants can also be provided on request:

  • Ex-protection

  • Fire protection from inside and outside (restricted temperature range)

  • Optional equipment to create a hazardous materials store with integrated spill pallet

  • GMP-compliant equipment

  • Built-in shelving, roller conveyors

Cooling Chambers from DENIOS Ireland - so many options!

DENIOS cooling and air conditioning chambers can be implemented as walk-in systems or as shelving systems. We use high performance cooling equipment to ensure the reliable and trouble free operation of the cooling systems. Due to the potential risk inherent in some substances, failure prevention can be a key requirement for customers. Because of this risk, the air conditioning system design is configured on the basis of a simulation of the actual circumstances. In practice combination units are then generally specified, which combine both cooling and heating functions.

The main features of our cooling chambers at a glance:

  • ack storage systems and walk-in systems
  • Powerful cooling units (split units) with high control quality to ensure a precise temperature window
  • Maximum energy efficiency
  • Use of best insulation materials
  • Powerful systems for optimal air circulation
  • Reduction of energy consumption by up to 50% compared to conventional systems
  • Uniform temperature distribution
  • Integrated spill pallet
  • Homogeneous insulation properties over the entire outer shell
  • Use of high-quality climate doors with low temperature transitions
  • EnEV-compliant design
  • Fire protection
  • Explosion-proof version (optional)

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Important additions to your cooling/ air conditioning system


Take advantage of the DENIOS product variety to set up your thermal chamber. Benefit from turnkey delivery. We can also take care of the fire alarm system and the condition monitoring system. Discover many innovations for modern heat treatment in our equipment range. We are happy to advise you on-site in order to configure a solution tailored to your needs.


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